How To Make Money Online 2020 – Top 7 Adsense Revenue Sharing Websites

How To Make Money Online Without Website

Hello Friends today one of my visitor asked me a question that How to make online without a website.This is so obvious question which we expect from our audience.Now a days Internet become more reliable and profitable area to earn money.Even i have started earning money in 2005 from my small blog then i realized that if we put some more effort on our website we can earn a lot and handsome amount from Internet.The first question which emerged can emerged in anyone’s mind that Do We Need A Website To Earn Money Online. So my answer would be NO but yes if you want to earn without a limit or sharing. Hundreads of site are available in the Internet who allowed us to earn money from their portal.Today i am going to tell some of those sites which allowed you to earn money from their website.To make money online is not difficult things but it is very important to pick your content topic and the traffic which will be looking for that content.Once you got the money veins than theirs is nothing to worry about it.The audience and viewer is always looking for quality information with some good and repudiated references.

Website will allowed you to earn but they want their share as well and it justified i guess.To make money online you must have these things –

  • Active and valid Google Adsense Account.
  • Can able to Create Unique Content
  • Can able to create entertainment content and videos.
  • Have ability to engage your visitor and provide some good quality content.
  • Must have knowledge of Internet and techniques to create a awareness.


Content was,is and will be king to earn and make money online concept ,If you are able to provide good quality content then i assure you that you will definitely going to make money online

How  To Make Money Online With Out Website

Below i am going to reveal some top 7 adsense revenue sharing website which allow you to earn money from their portal.We will start from number 1 website.

  1. YouTube – YouTube partner program allowed you to monetize your video You just need to upload your best video and generate views and fan base and adsense will allowed you to make money online through your video.
  2. Webanswer – is a website just like yahoo answer and question segment allowed you earn more  money from your answer and questions views and response here adsense is your medium to earn.
  3. Grow Rich Forum – Grow rich forum is a forum just like other forum on the internet but portal allowed to use your adsense details to earn money online.You just need to answer /ask questions and serve member with your expertise.
  4. Squidoo – Squidoo is  online article website which allows you to update your unique article and create lenses.You can use adsense,chitika,ebay and amazon ads to make money online.
  5. Hubpages – Hubpages is very similar to Squidoo ,Hubpages allow’s you to create article which they called hubs and you can use adsense,chitika,ebay and amazon ads to make money online.
  6. Blogger – Blogger is free blogging platform from Google which give flexibility for every Google user to publish content or views on the internet without a spend of a single penny.The blogger is also had a very handy agreement with Google adsense can insert easily adsense ads in blogger platform.A part from Adsense you can also use chitika,ebay,amazon etc advertisement program.
  7. Flixya – is a online community r social networking which allow’s you to publish your views,video,article and images with online community and friends and is a only adsense sharing website (As far as i know let me know if you know some more) which allow;s you to earn 100% from adsense.They wont ask any sharing from you.

How  To Make Money Online Infographic

How To Make Money Online Without A Website And Adsense Revenue Sharing Site

How To Make Money Online Without A Website And Adsense Revenue Sharing Site



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