"Love To Make Another Fallout Game": Obsidian Founder Feargus Urquhart

“Love To Make Another Fallout Game”: Obsidian Founder Feargus Urquhart

Another Fallout Game: Feargus Urquhart, co-founder of Obsidian Entertainment, recently mentioned that he would be delighted to create another Fallout game, in reference to the critically acclaimed Fallout: New Vegas, released on October 19, 2010. The company is only waiting for the right opportunity, according to Urquhart.

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DualShockers reported the news in a recent interview. There were a number of interesting information revealed during the discussion, as well as some insight into the prospects for another Fallout game from Obsidian.

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Urquhart immediately responded with “of course” when asked if Obsidian would ever consider working on another Fallout game, stating that if the opportunity arises, we will. It is not even a question of whether or not we would do it, but merely whether the opportunity arises?”

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According to Urquhart, he stayed at Interplay for an extra year in order to be able to work on Fallout more. “I love Fallout.” The developer is well known for his work at Interplay Entertainment and Black Isle Studios, where he developed the first two Fallout games as well as various other projects.

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According to Urquhart, Obsidian is continually considering future possibilities as it has just launched Grounded from Early Access and is currently working on Tapestry, Avowed, and a sequel to The Outer Worlds. It is likely that we will begin considering what the next game is going to be at some point, and I would not be surprised if Fallout is not included on that list,” Urquhart said.

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“If we were to create Fallout, it would have to tie into what Bethesda is doing with Fallout as well as a lot of other things, but I would personally like to make another Fallout game before I ride off into the sunset.”

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