Long Tail Pro 3.0 2020 – Get Long Tail Pro 3.0 Trial And Discount

Hey Guys , One of the topics I have never really covered on the blog is how to do keyword research properly with Long Tail Pro 3.0. It is really easy once you know how especially with today’s article Long Tail Pro 3.0 – Get Long Tail Pro 3.0 Trial And Discount

Long Tail Pro 3.0 Testimonial

Long Tail Pro 3.0 - Get Long Tail Pro 3.0 Trial And Discount

There is no doubt that Long Tail Pro 3.0 The World’s Most Complete Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis Software… and you the best part is you can now buy long tail pro on trial for 10 days by spending only $1. Just click here long tail pro 3.0 trial $1.

now lets see some awesome features of long tail pro 3.0.

Long Tail Pro 3.0 Features

Keyword Research

Long Tail Pro 3.0 is FASTER than ever! I’m talking 8x FASTER than Market Samurai. Find up to 800 keywords per seed keyword – with the ability to capture literally thousands of keywords in seconds.

Find out how many people are actually searching a keyword or phrase each month.

Long Tail Pro 3.0 trial

Competitor Analysis:

Save countless hours by having Long Tail Pro 3.0 quickly analyze the top 10 results in Google for each of your keywords. Find out important SERP data like keyword usage in the Title and Meta tags, Domain & Page Authority, Moz Rank, Pagerank, # of Backlinks, amazon review,Domain Age etc.

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Get Long Tail Pro 3.0 trial $1

Real-Time Filtering:

Long Tail Pro 3.0 Drill-down and filter the results in any number of ways, providing you with a hyper-target list of keywords based on the criteria you set.

Filter by keyword, amazon reviews , number of words suggested CPC bid, local and/or global monthly searches, advertiser competition and overall competitiveness.

Long Tail Pro 3.0 review trial

Other features are that you can add notes to remind yourself for particular keyword , You can export the result easily on update version of Long tail pro 3.0.

Once you buy long tail pro 3.0 then you can get free access to FREE Access to Long Tail University ($197 in Value) and can Save 33% on Platinum with the Annual Plan.

Frequently asked questions For Long Tail Pro 3.0 Trial

Do you have any provision for customer support?

Yes, the staff at Long Tail Pro which consists of expert internet marketers patiently and promptly handles all your queries.

Is Long Tail Pro suitable for me?

Long Tail Pro is suitable for-

  • Anyone looking to find high traffic keywords with low competition
  • People looking to discover new niches
  • Busy people that want to save a ton of time
  • SEO’s that are struggling to increase search engine traffic
  • Bloggers that want to increase traffic to their blog

Do they provide multiple installations?

Yes, you can install in on multiple products. After purchasing the product, there are no additional charges to install it on 3 different devices.

How to proceed after identifying the keywords?

This is quite tough as you need to pen down interesting and valuable content which will draw the readers and compel them to click on the cash links. However, you need to keep trying until you find the perfect piece of information.

Is Long Tail Pro compatible with Mac & Apple products?
Of course- This tool can be used on both the platforms, and till date users have never complained of any issues.

Is there a free long tail pro 3.0 trial available?

There is a $1 trial available that allows you to use Long Tail Pro for 10 days without restriction.

How much does Long Tail Pro cost?

There are two plans to choose from:

You can choose Long tail Platinum Monthly Plan by paying $37 every month.

You can choose the Long tail Platinum Annual Plan by paying $297 every year.

Is it quite tough to master?

Not at all, after you have read the instructions you will be able to start working on the software. The software has been designed in a user friendly manner and the instructions are clear and detailed without the use of unnecessary jargon, which allow the users to understand everything easily.

How many computers can I use Long Tail Pro on?

The license allows you to install Long Tail Pro on up to 3 computers

Long Tail Pro Vs Market Samurai

I have used Long Tail Pro as well as Market Samurai, and personally I felt that Long Tail Pro is more affordable and user friendly as compared to Market Samurai. Market Samurai too has its own advantages, but I would still prefer Long Tail Pro. Market Samurai is also pretty costly at $149.

What countries & languages does Long Tail Pro support?

Long Tail Pro works with every language and country that is supported by Google which means you can use it to find low competition keywords in nearly every language in the world!

Is it important to choose the Platinum option?

Personally I believe that it is important to choose the Platinum option. It is always better to choose the best version of any product to get the most out of it. Besides this the Platinum version also has an average keyword competition value report for all the keywords and this is a very useful tool.


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Now Lets talk about Long Tail Pro Platinum 🙂 . I am excited to talk about this because I am using platinum version for my self. And here today I want to give Long Tail Pro Platinum discount so that you can more better keyword research.

Long Tail Pro Platinum Discount

With Long Tail Pro Platinum discount, simply utilize the built-in Keyword Competitiveness (KC) metric and automatically calculate a simple 0-100 score using LTP’s proprietary algorithm that is consistently being tested and tweaked. The KC Score essentially brings everything together into one easy number which lets you know what to target without looking at the rest.

And you know what ,After search disappears from Google keyword planner this Long Tail Pro Platinum discount is very ideal solution for advanced keyword research.

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