LinkHunter Review 2020: A Straightforward, Comprehensive Link-Building Tool Anyone Can Use

LinkHunter is a tool for building backlinks. It streamlines all the steps of the link building process, including link prospecting and outreach, in one place. It is a friendly tool that anyone with a basic knowledge of SEO can use, from entrepreneurs who want to optimize their own websites, to small-business owners, and even marketing agencies.

Why are Quality Links Important

Link building is the act of getting links (also called hyperlinks) from other websites to your own. A quality backlink is a link that comes from a website with high domain authority. These established websites are trusted by search engine robots and the actual people who use it. Getting a quality link that is relevant to the niche of the linked site is both a referral and proof that your website is a trusted source. In short, high-quality links mean higher rankings.

How LinkHunter Works

LinkHunter effectively uses metrics to identify relevant websites for potential backlinks. The entire link building process and repetitive steps are streamlined for convenience. The laborious but necessary work of filtering domains and pages, exporting data, and filtering it for further qualification can be done in a breeze.

After you sign up, the tool asks you to choose a campaign type or your method of building links. LinkHunter review has a few different link building campaigns to choose from: guest blogging, product reviews, sponsored posts, blogger outreach, resource page, and more. There is also an option to use your own custom prospecting search queries or even upload an existing list of backlinks (perfect for uploading your competitors links).

Users can choose to create campaigns like guest posts, blogger reviews, and sponsored posts.

To better help narrow searches, the tool asks for keywords that are relevant to the campaign or type of website you want to acquire links from. It automatically prospects worldwide, but you can choose a specific country.

LinkHunter is convenient for those who are not skilled at writing outreach email templates because it provides example templates (Professional, Casual, Brief tones) that you can customize to make your own. 

While customizing the template or writing your own, LinkHunter looks for potential websites so when you’re done, you can easily sort through the prospects right away. The results can be sorted alphabetically, by relevance, or domain authority. One of the most helpful features of LinkHunter is its integrated email outreach. You don’t have to change platforms to send pitches because you can do it all in one place. It also keeps track of the emails you have sent too. 

This part is semi-automated as you are given the choice to vet the websites individually and to further customize emails to increase the chances of being responded to.

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Responses can be viewed, and replies can be sent within the tool. You can also see the status of the sites you’ve emailed as well, so you can easily spot unresponsive prospects to send further follow-ups.

Who is LinkHunter Best For?

LinkHunter review is for beginners and solo-users. It lacks key features for large outreach teams but seems to have everything necessary for smaller teams or individual users. It is designed to be easy to use and even guides users to the process, so anyone can find and build links regardless of experience.

Price Point

There is no free version for LinkHunter, but you can try it for free for up to seven days. The free trial can be canceled at any time. Even when using the trial version, you can access all the features of the tool. There is flexible pricing for folks who are interested.

All in all, there are three levels of pricing. 

  • The Starter plan starts at $49 per month and is great for users with only one website to manage. 
  • The Business account is great for small businesses that need a larger outreach for their websites, and it starts at $99 a month. 
  • The Agency account starts at $199 and is considered the premium plan, which is useful for large link-building teams and agencies.


Easy to understand. The link-building and SEO landscapes are dynamic, and trends are always changing. The need for high-quality links has always been emphasized, and with this tool, you focus more on what is important and less on repetitive tasks that can be automated.

Saves you time. There is no exact formula for finding the best relevant websites, but LinkHunter streamlines the most important link-building processes in one platform.

Has month-to-month plans. If you need to cancel the plan anytime, you can do so right away. You only need to pay for the month you used it for, and there are no contracts, so there is no obligation to continue using LinkHunter when you don’t want to.


Filtering needs work. By default, the four outreach statuses are “Contacted”, “Followed Up”, “Contacted”, and “Link Published”. It would be great if users could set custom statuses like “guest post sent” or “not interested”.

No individual views for multiple people using the platform at the same time. For Business and Agency plans, it would be great if the platform had unique logins and accounts for individual users within a team. This would make organization much easier for larger outreach teams.

 Conclusion: Is LinkHunter Worth It?

LinkHunter is great and efficient to use for smaller campaigns; therefore, a lone link builder or smaller agencies would likely find great use in it. At its price point, it’s cheaper than pretty much any other link-building tools on the market.

However, larger link-building teams may find it difficult to use due to lack of team reporting and no ability to create multiple user accounts within a single company. 

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