Angela Alvarez at Latin Grammy Awards 2022

Latin Grammy Awards 2022- Things Which You Haven’t Seen on Television

Here is what we noticed behind the scenes at the Latin Grammy Awards 2022, which were broadcast on Thursday night (Nov. 17) on Univision. Artists adorned the red carpet, delivered moving remarks, and took centre stage.

Here Is What You Didn’t See On television During Latin Grammy Awards 2022

1. A touching moment during Latin Grammy Awards 2022. On the red carpet, Yahritza y Su Esencia, the best new artist nominee who is 15 years old, and Angela Alvarez, who is 95 years old, exchanged hugs and kisses. Alvarez and Mexican singer-songwriter Silvana Estrada were matched for the coveted best new artist prize later in the evening.

2. Estrada said that receiving Rosalia’s Instagram DM was one of her favourite moments of 2022 so far on the red carpet. “A few weeks after I wrote a poem and tagged her in one of my stories, she replied. I was a huge fangirl! I can see us being great buddies now,” she chuckled.

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3. In the meantime, we questioned Nicki Nicole about the ideal girl group she would form with two of her coworkers. “Emilia Marines would have to win since she is a fantastic dancer and will think very big here, but I would really like it to be Karol G. She is incredible!

4. At Latin Grammy Awards 2022, Best new artist nominee Angela Alvarez enchanted the gathering at the media centre with her powerful vocals. Never did I take singing lessons. I speak naturally, like this,” she told the media.

Estrada felt thrilled to share the best new artist award with Alvarez and said backstage that she dedicates the accolade to her mother and all women. She makes me think a lot of my mother, who gave up so much to become a mother. This honour also serves as a call to hope that there are no boundaries.

Angela Alvarez Silvana Estrada at Latin Grammys 2022
Angela Alvarez Silvana Estrada at Latin Grammys 2022

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5. The major winner in the Latin Grammy Awards 2022, Jorge Drexler, admitted backstage that he greatly admires Bad Bunny’s work and even made light of his desire to record a reggaeton album. I really enjoy it, he stated of the genre. We have a diverse musical history as a continent.

6. During Latin Grammy Awards 2022, Rauw Alejandro watched from a distance as his girlfriend Rosalia addressed the journalists at the media centre. The prized album of the year went to Motomami, and the Spanish singer expressed how crucial it is for her to have the support of her loved ones.

7. As we listened to Los Bukis’ “Tu Carcel” from the media centre, the media backstage yelled and sang along enthusiastically.

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The Latin Grammy Awards were held on Nov. 17 at the Michelob Ultra Arena at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas and broadcast live on Univision. According to a press release, the awards “promise to honour the legacy, celebrate the present and embrace the future of Latin music, with deliberate consciousness, paying it forward to the next generations of music creators.”