Thursday, December 8, 2022

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    Kiriko’s Overwatch 2 unlocks would take five years to complete

    Kiriko’s Overwatch 2 unlocks : Overwatch has become free-to-play and rebranded as Overwatch 2, which means there is now a battle pass, paid cosmetics, and no loot boxes, but it is not easier to obtain these cosmetics. Obtaining all of Kiriko’s nonseasonal unlocks may take upwards of five years.

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    One Overwatch 2 fan calculated how long it would take to earn all of Kiriko’s cosmetics without sales, deals, or events. Currently, she has five skins, three emotes, five souvenirs, five weapon charms, two victory poses, nine voice lines, ten paid sprays, two highlight intros, and two Twitch drops that require 11 hours of viewing.

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    In Overwatch, that is pretty standard, but how you unlock all of this has changed – now, you must earn coins rather than loot boxes in order to unlock everything. You can receive 60 coins per week for free, otherwise you will have to purchase them. All of those cosmetics cost 15,600 coins in addition to the 11 hours of Twitch watchtime previously mentioned. That is approximately 260 weeks of grinding for coins – or five years.

    It takes 5 years or 15,600 coins to buy all new nonseasonal Kiriko unlocks from Overwatch

    By completing weekly challenges, you can earn 60 coins, which adds up to 540 coins per season. In other words, the game would require you to play 28 seasons straight for one character, not including any new characters that may be added during the course of Overwatch 2. Granted, you will not be able to obtain everything for free – that is the nature of free-to-play games – but it does mean the grind will be much harder. It takes 36 weeks to earn 2,200 coins for just five skins.

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    In the absence of any deals, 100 coins are sold for $1, so even if you were to pay the big bucks, it would cost you $156 for all cosmetics. Thus, either you spend a great deal of money or you spend a great deal of your time.

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