Kendall Jenner considers going Topless to attend Met Gala

Kendall Jenner plans to go TOPLESS to the Met Gala before urinating in an ice bucket

The beautiful black dress Kendall Jenner wore to the Met Gala solidified her partnership with Prada, but she admitted on this week’s episode of The Kardashian that she almost went topless.

In the latest episode of It’s Met Monday, the 27-year-old supermodel stood topless while having her garment attended to, concealing her breasts with her hands and arms.

Kendall Jenner considers going Naked on Met Gala

Even though she ultimately chose a top, she admitted that there had briefly been discussion of walking the red carpet topless. However, when she was on the way, she had to urinate so badly that, with the assistance of many members of her crew, she ended up doing it in an ice bucket.

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Kendall is still getting ready in her enormous Prada dress even though the majority of her family has already departed for the Met.

Kendall Jenner's enormous dress for Met Gala
Kendall Jenner’s enormous dress for Met Gala

As her staff attends to the enormous outfit, she is still topless and holding her breasts while Kendall quips that they considered a daring red carpet style.

We briefly considered performing on the carpet without shirt and just doing this, Kendall laughs.

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Kendall Jenner jokes that her eyeshadow makes her, ‘look like an alien

As the cameras are all turned for Kendall to change into her top, she also makes the joke that her eyeshadow makes her “look like an alien, but it’s cool.”

Kendall Jenner stood covering her breasts
Kendall Jenner stood covering her breasts

“You people need to leave. Kendall Jenner smiles into the camera and says, “It’s getting stressful and it’s time for the Met.”

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As she confesses, Kendall Jenner requires a lot of assistance getting into the sprinter van outside the hotel because “my skirt was so huge and so heavy and there was so much stuff under it, that by the time I got into the sprinter van, I was really out of breath.”

“On top of being utterly out of breath, thinking I’m missing the carpet, I believe I just like started to panic and honestly just needed air,” she confesses as she informs her crew that she is experiencing a panic attack while speaking to them in the van.

In her confession, Kendall says, “The weirdest part about anxiety and panic attacks is that they simply come sometimes for me with no rhyme or reason, it just happens.”

She informs her team in the vehicle that she needs to urinate as well as drink some water. We have the ice bucket, Kendall, someone on your crew says.

Kendall Jenner plans to go TOPLESS to the Met Gala before urinating in an ice bucket

Do you really possess it? It happens all the time backstage, someone says as another laughs, “Can we sell it?” Kendall Jenner responds, “That is so embarrassing for whoever has to deal with my pee later, I’m so sorry.

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As members of her team wipe out the ice bucket, Kendall declares that they must play some music since she doesn’t want people to hear her urinate.

Oh my God, you guys, this is happening. Kendall says, holding the ice bucket, “Don’t judge me. I don’t think I can do it.”

A little while later, in the same van, Kendall is giggling and clutching the ice bucket as she prepares to urinate.

It’s one of the most spectacular nights in fashion, her stylist quips, as Kendall Jenner apologizes to Prada.

As she replies, “Definitely got some all on my panties, but who cares,” members of the Kendall crew can be seen helping her situate the bucket underneath the dress.

A self-assured Kendall confesses, “Best decision I’ve ever made,” adding, “Because I don’t know what I would have done when I went inside.”

A chuckling Kendall claims that she has urine on her feet, her squad responds, “It’s fine.” Despite the camera crew documenting everything, nobody will know.