Is Email Marketing Effective 2022 ?

Is Email Marketing Effective?

All the new bloggers believe that social media sites are better than email marketing and they believe that social media sites are attract more customer then email marketing.

When we talk about about facebook its was almost insignificant as a customer channel. A millions of customer present in facebook but when we wanna make any brand name so there Email Marketing is very Effective and same in twitter and Google plus even weaker way to draw customers.

Customer who come via email is shop more and spend more.You know that the email customers are 11 percent more valuable than average. Organic-search customers are 50 percent more valuable than average. Facebook customers are average, and Twitter customers are 23 percent less valuable than average.

Is Email Marketing Effective?

Email is always deal with some reputation.Its not so charming like Pinterest or Instagram or Vine but it will get some increase in your revenue for sure if you will do it in a right way.

Why Email Marketing Effective

Here, I show you Why Email Marketing Effective with the help of these 5 great points.


Do you know that email is three times stronger then social media sites like facebook,twitter and also when we combine these social media sites.

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Is Email Marketing Effective?

if you imagine a full cup of rice is the number of emails sent every day,then compare our social media sites like facebook and twitter,all the daily posts on Facebook would make a miserable 10 grains,and all 20 tweet are 5 grains.In fact, Facebook and Twitter combined make up just 0.2% of the number of emails sent each day.


Is Email Marketing Effective?

Facebook is the most personal, no..isn’t

First of all i wanna tell you that most of the people still don’t  use facebook either twitter and So so…..they use email (If you’re going for an older audience, the closer you get to a good ol’ fashioned written letter, the better off you’ll be — which means email.)

Second….marketing will not start 1-on-1 in facebook chat and in twitter….. Business people open Gmail or Outlook or whatever, and bang out an email.

Email is the first, best social media channel. And that is the power you want to tap.


Is Email Marketing Effective?

Yes, some businesses do use Facebook or Twitter or Google Plus for communicating with various people. But when it comes to building business relationships and communicating with partners and clients, the most “serious”, “grown-up” medium is email.

Now remember, I’m not saying you shouldn’t use those other channels. Just that you shouldn’t use them before email. Here’s another reason why not:



Yes its very simple we all know in old times people use email marketing for grow up there business and now also email marketing is effective for maintain standard,position of your brand,quality of your web page…….

This isn’t necessarily because your customers spend more time with email than on Facebook or searching Google or whatever—although they might.

n that situation, you’re easily missed if you don’t hit just the right window (which often differs per person).

But in even the most badly-managed inbox, your message is still there, waiting for their attention. It doesn’t just go away.


What I mean by this is simply that customers already expect to get offers by email, and to buy things through email. So they not only have high habits for offers, but they’re actually more likely to be in a buying frame of mind. They’re primed.

Compare this to facebook where….people chat with there friends,see Funny videos and play FarmvilleEven if they like you, that’s a lousy environment for marketing isn’t it?or when we talk about Twitter ….the habit of finding interesting things to share, or catch up with the people they follow—but very seldom(almost never) are looking to buy anything.

I’m sure many folks will disagree. Tell me: how do you do your online marketing? Do you take care of email first, and then social media if you have time left over? Or do you think email is dead? I thinks that Email marketing is still effective.

You are reading – Is Email Marketing Effective? and if yes then what is the reason behind it and you may now know is email marketing worth it in 2014.

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