Breloom and Shroomish

Impressive Image of Breloom and Shroomish Created by a Pokemon Fan.

Impressive Image of Breloom and Shroomish Created by a Pokemon Fan.

An outstanding new drawing of the fungal pair features the Mushroom Pokemon Breloom and Shroomish, created by a gifted Pokemon enthusiast.

Breloom and Shroomish : Breloom is a bipedal, kangaroo-like Pokémon that resembles a mushroom. Its body is mostly green, although its head, neck, and tail are beige. Its head has a spherical, red berry-like growth with holes in the centre on either side, and a green, mushroom-like cap with beige gills beneath. It has a beak-like mouth, oval, black eyes, and frilled segments at the base of its neck. Each of its hands and feet has two crimson claws. There are seed clusters comprised of poisonous, unpalatable, hardened spores at the end of its tail.

Shroomish is a little Pokémon that resembles a mushroom. Its mouth is formed like a half-triangle, and it has dark eyes. Its upper body is beige with a little aperture at the top and frilled segments down the bottom. Its top body is marked by green dots, while its bottom body is entirely green.

It has no apparent arms or hands and short, rounded feet. Its body trembles and deadly spores are released from the top of its head when it perceives threat. If ingested, these spores may make plants and trees droop and hurt the entire body. Tropical woodlands are home to Shroomish. It conceals itself in the shade among discarded leaves throughout the day. It consumes composted soil comprised of dead, decaying leaves found in woods.

Breloom and Shroomish small arms may be extended to throw quick blows. It can also get close to opponents thanks to its nimble, springy feet. It may also close in on enemies by immobilising them with spores that are emitted from the openings on its cap. It uses same tactics to professional boxers. It loves to reside in tropical woods where it consumes decaying plants and trees as food.

Mach Punch is Generation IX’s emblematic move. A talented Pokemon fan decided to give some of the Mushroom Pokemon in the series the spotlight, putting Breloom and Shroomish in the foreground in a stunning new illustration. It’s encouraging to see some of the less cuddly Pokedex entries receiving the attention they deserve after years of excellent fan art using the collectible critters, much of which has been centred on franchise icons like Pikachu.


The Pokemon series made its debut in 1996 with the release of Pocket Monsters: Red and Green, better known to Western players as Pokemon Red and Blue. Since then, it has expanded to become a multi-platform powerhouse. The scope of the Pokemon brand is absolutely astounding, spanning everything from the continual releases of game creator Game Freak’s Pokemon game series to the Pokemon collectable card game that introduced millions of players to the world of CCGs, to films and television. It’s hardly surprising that the series has served as a source of inspiration for creative Pokemon enthusiasts for almost three decades given its enormous, global appeal.


Redditor rc1246 showcased their drawing of the Mushroom Pokemon Breloom and Shroomish in a cute new image posted to the r/Pokemon forum with the endearingly ironic headline “Drew a couple of fun fellas.” The amazing illustration shows two Grass-type Pokemon standing next to one another, with Breloom towering over his earlier, unevolved predecessor, which has a distinctly disgruntled appearance. The two Mushroom Pokemon were just two of the numerous iconic animals that made a comeback in the most recent Nintendo Switch instalment of the franchise; in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, players may add both Breloomto their Pokedex.

Redditors who commented on the fungus couple’s drawing were generally impressed with how the pair was shown, and numerous individuals praised rc1246 for their unique artistic technique. One person replying to the picture joked, “This Don’t Starve Together dlc looks wild,” referring to the drawing’s thick lines and comic-style shading. A number of articles also discussed the two Pokemon’s exaggerated and rather amusing facial expressions. One commentator made the joke that Breloom’s crazy eyes reminded them of the “look my cat gives me anytime I go towards the cupboard where his food is stored.”


It’s good to see two of the Pokemon franchise’s most aesthetically-challenged critters have a chance to shine after years of taking second place to some of their prettier, cuddlier, and more photogenic brothers. This adorable drawing was a wonderful way for rc1246 to honour the duo of combative fungi, and it was surely less painful than getting a pixel art Pokemon tattoo to demonstrate one’s devotion for the Pokemon series.