How to Win Backlinks from Competitors to Your Own Site 2021

How to Win Backlinks from Competitors to Your Own Site : Getting high quality backlinks to your website is crucial to surviving.


And it is also one of the most efficient ways to boost yourself to the top of your rankings.


Surely you know link building is important at helping you get ahead.

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But how you execute it is a separate question. Where do you even start? That can be intimidating.


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The good news is there are some tools that can help make this process run more smoothly — get a huge list to pitch within an hour or so — and give you a great chance to start rocketing your site to the top.


So, keep the value and our end goal in mind, and don’t worry if you are still overwhelmed on how to begin. We’ll cover it all here in these 6 steps:


  1. Find Your Competition
  2. Discover Their (And Your) Backlinks
  3. Organize Your Data
  4. Plan an Attack – ID Your Prospects
  5. Dead or Alive – Cold Prospects
  6. Execute Your Pitches


Let’s get jump in. Shall we?

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Find Your Competition

I know you’re likely on top things with your site and your business, including your competitors. Keep an open mind here because we’ll show you a way perhaps to find maybe more you didn’t know about them — or at least tools to give you a faster way to get their backlinks.



The easiest place to start is Google (or you search engine of choice, but it’s likely best to use the big dog) because your competitors are obviously on the web.


The simplest form of keyword search:


[niche] + [your business offering]

For example, to search for competitors for antivirus software or nutrition tracking software:

[antivirus] + [software]

[nutrition] + [tracking software]

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Now, just transfer your results with the URLs into an Excel spreadsheet, so you can start findings their backlinks in the next step.


Crowdsource it

Another option, or something you can do in addition that takes less effort on your part is to ask people on the web. The best option is likely the online Q&A forum Quora.


People can post topics really on anything, and anyone can answer. Quora categorizes are the questions, for example in sections like technology, marketing, finance, even philosophy or sports.


Be aware that your research here is completely relies on if people respond to your query.


Some advice on how to frame a question:Do it in a way that the answer likely wouldsurrounda problem that your site solves and would lead to the type of service or product that your business provides.


Pertaining to our example above on anti-virus software, here’s question someone asked

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And an answer, which includes info on options for services:

How to Win Backlinks from Competitors to Your Own Site -4

This pays off whenone or more peopleor even a competitor will give a suggestion or a link to their own tools. Basically, when it works, you are letting the Internet compile of a list of competitors for you.


That said, it’s probably best to not solely rely on this method. Use it as a supplement to your own research, and as a way to verify that what you are finding is on the right track. Or that you’re not missing anything.

Discover Their (And Your) Backlinks


There are useful tools for quickly finding backlinks on sites: the main one is Linkody, which has a 30-day free trial. There are plenty of free tools as well, but for quality, Linkody is likely your best bet.


How to use Linkody to get Backlinks

Once you sign in to the free tool, click on’Add Domain’ and enter your competitor’s URL.

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Once it is finished, click on the export button on the right to get your CSV file.

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You only need column D that contains the URL, and column V, the page title.


Plan an Attack – ID Your Prospects


Now you’re ready to start prospecting or qualifying the leads you uncover.


Using your exported spreadsheet, basically you want to create a document where can you develop a procedures to determine who you are looking for as potential backlinks and where and how you can get to them.
What to do with the leftover prospects?

Keep leftover prospects somewhere for future use. Once you exhaust all of your quick win prospects, you can go back to those prospects left over and review them individually.



How to do Link Prospecting via NinjaOutreach

With NinjaOutreach, you can use this guide to for how to qualify your prospects.

Or check out NinjaOutreach’s trial and skim our quick guide. For the most part, NinjaOutreach will speed up the prospecting process it will crawl allthe URLs you found to get you email addresses you need.


Dead or Alive – Cold Prospects

Now that you have your competitor’s links and email addresses of people to reach out to, here are some key things to craft your pitch:

    • What makes people open the email and immediately catch their interest?
    • How can we encourage them to respond positively, convincing them we add value to their site?
    • How can we make it easier for the prospect to take action?


That’s what how you can develop your email template. Keep it direct and seek to spur action. Remember, you’ll only have a few seconds to convince someone to read an email and act on it.


Start working through your list with about 25-50 emails per day.


Via Manual Emailing

This is self-explanatory but also time consuming.


Have your list open in a browser tab and in another, your email client. If you have a system for speed, copy and paste your template, the respective email addresses, and subjects.


Obviously customize to each receiver as needed. Be very careful as a mistake can kill one client contact within seconds, especially if you send them the wrong name or give off that you’re just contacting many people and not being selective, even though you really are.


This method is free (!!), but as mentioned,it takes a lot of time and effort.


To try to speed things up, the GMass Google Chrome extension is one option for sending mass email.

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And, if it’s even more important (and worth it) to you, NinjaOutreach has a faster, more convenient method to perform a massive email outreach.
You basically won’t need to copy and paste the templates manually. Also, automated emailing is available. However, it’s still best to send the emails out one at a time for personalization.


More detailed instructions are here for Gmail and non-Gmail users. But basically it allows you to work through your contact lists more easily.


You would look for Outreach and then Inbox Mode.

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And then find the list you want to contact.

How to Win Backlinks from Competitors to Your Own Site -9

Finally, pick out the template you have saved and start emailing contacts — remember to only do one at a time.

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Execute Your Pitches


Now, let’s look at the elements we believe contributed to these great results. Here are the key components:

Have a Killer Subject Line

Mentioning a competitor makes for a good email subject line because you’ll be reaching out to targets who already mentioned one (or more) of your competitors before. You can assume they are more familiar with your competitor than they are with you.


It helps with curiosity and familiarity to pique their interest or basically just to get them to read it — period.
Target Your Heading

Do your research and find a high-ranking person’s name.

Companies usually go with the [email protected] email format, but you can check out this comprehensive guide on how to use email guessers to find email addresses find email addresses.


Referring to someone from the company is a good way to get noticed, and you are personalizing your emailand showing that you know who you should be dealing with.At the very least, someone will forward your email to the right person in the company.


What is Your Brand

Let the receiver know from the top that we are targeting them specifically and then showcase what we knew about the receivers so far: we mention their post, which is relevant to our niche, and point out that they have linked to one of our competitors.


Be brief and casual, and then mention exactly where you found the link so they know you are familiar with their work.
Second Section: Deliver Your Pitch

Tell them who you are and explain why you are contacting them. Stay friendly and try to be helpful. Don’t use sales jargon or shallow flattery.

Give Them An Avenue to Write Back in a Positive Way

Basically, show your receiver what will add value for them.


If you offer to write content for their blog or posts, that’s likely to entice them, for example. That just ups the chance you can get a link in their site.



Go Forth and Conquer

Now you have the options for tools on how to efficiently find your competitors, and their backlinks (dead or alive). And you have a good process and strategy in place to start convincing those competitors to jump over to your side.

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Good luck!


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