How To Find A Programmer For A Project

Despite the fact that the number of programmers constantly grows, it’s not an easy job to find and hire the right specialist for the job. Tech recruitment is quite tricky and it takes time to onboard tech talent properly. Everything really depends on your project requirements, your budget, skills of your recruiters and even more. Hiring a junior dev might be pretty easy but hiring an experienced coder with a special set of skills is art.


In today’s world, there’s a number of different hiring models. Among the most popular ones are freelance, outsourcing and hiring in-house employees. All have their own pros and cons and there’s more than enough information on the web about them. Some allow you to avoid the recruitment process and some don’t but in any case, it would not hurt you to know how to find a programmer for any project properly.

How Much Does a Programmer Cost?

One of the most critical things to take into account is the budget. The number of technologies and programming languages out there is tremendous. Depending on your project, you might be looking for a mobile, web, blockchain, IoT developer, DevOps, QA and on and on. Each of these specialists has a particular demand in the market and their salaries can vary a lot.

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It goes without saying that the more experienced a developer is, the more money it takes to hire one. Thus, you would have to do research to find out how much a particular developer costs in your area and abroad. For example, an average senior web developer earns around $33,600 per year in Ukraine while the same dev in the US would cost you $87,877 per year. It almost three times more and those numbers speak for themselves.


Summing up all said above, you can choose to build your own team if you have an “unlimited” budget but if you don’t, you better hire someone from abroad using a remote hiring model.

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Experienced and Skilled Tech Recruiters

By far not every recruiter has the right skills and knows how to hire programmers. Even experienced specialists can do only the first stage of onboarding – finding someone who has the right CV and doing the first interview to see it this candidate has the right soft skills. The second stage is usually done by someone who has the right technical background. It can be a senior dev or a team leader on the same project. When looking for a senior dev, even a CTO can be the one who’s testing the candidate.

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It’s the way things are usually done. However, sometimes, you can meet recruiters who were hiring specific professionals so many times, they learned how to do the technical interview without extra help. Imagine having such a recruiter at your company. It really helps and you can be sure your HR department is doing things properly. Recruiters with this kind of skill can eliminate candidates that don’t really fit your criteria even without an interview. It takes them a few minutes to go through a CV and say if it is worth doing the second stage or no. It’s more than impressive.

Choosing the Right Hiring Model

As soon as you are done with your salary research, you can evaluate what hiring model would work for you. Once again, if you can’t or won’t afford local tech talent, you can always hire remote employees. It may seem like not such a safe solution but that’s not true. Yes, working with freelancers can end up with bad results and disrupted deadlines but that’s not the only way you can choose. You can always go with outsourcing or even outstaffing that is based on a contract and more than safe.


There’s no way to avoid making this decision but that’s the way it is. So, if you want to save on salaries and get an experienced professional, you should go with outstaffing. This way, you won’t even have to actually find anyone. You do have to find a reputable outstaffing company but after that, you can use all the benefits of their services. The advantages are as follows:

  • Easily scalable team;
  • Global tech talent pool;
  • No need for micromanagement;
  • Reduced development costs;
  • Save on taxes
  • Delegate the recruitment process

With that being said, this new hiring model can be a savior for many startups and medium-sized businesses. Also, the popularity of such a solution constantly grows and it has proven its efficiency many times already.

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With such a variety of choices, it is worth mentioning that using social media to attract tech talent is also very efficient. You would need a killed SMM for that though but the results are sometimes quite impressive. For example, popular companies constantly use YouTube, Linkedin, Instagram and more to enhance potential employees to get on board. At the end of the day, it would be best to try every and each technique and outline which one works the best in your case.

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