How To Make Money Using Fiverr 2022 – A Complete Guide & Tutorial

First off, I would like to tell you what’s possible with this method (How To Make Money Using Fiverr) of mine and how much you could be earning from one order on Fiverr if you set up everything as I tell you today.

Remember: It does not matter if you’re selling something cheap and your work quality is not up to the mark. You should always ask the buyer for the money you deserve and then prove it that you actually deserved that amount by delivery high quality work.

I would say that you can only succeed on Fiverr if you can actually sell big orders ($20 and upwards, anything below it could be a waste of your time until and unless you are able to deliver those $5 gigs in less than 10 minutes, which I’m going to show you in a moment.)

TIP: You should always try to test things around on Fiverr until you get a good conversion rate, the standard Fiverr conversion rate is around 5% but it is too good when you know that you’ll get thousands of views every week from free Fiverr ‘buyer’ traffic.

What You Will Learn From This Make Money Using Fiverr Guide

  • How to make money on Fiverr today
  • What to sell on Fiverr
  • How to promote your Fiverr gigs
  • The ups and downs to using Fiverr
  • What types of gigs you should have for sale
  • How becoming a higher level seller is beneficial
  • Quick techniques to get your gig ranked and selling
  • Other ways of making money with buyer requests
  • The secret sauce to ranking Fiverr gigs
  • How to make money as a teen online

How To Make Money Using Fiverr - A Complete Guide & Tutorial

[CHAPTER I]: The Earning Potential From  Fiverr

Before we move on, I would like to tell you what’s possible with Fiverr. Recently, I Fiverr seller bought a new house with his Fiverr Income, isn’t that great!

According to me, the earning potential on Fiverr is unlimited for those who seriously take their Fiverr business to the next level and beyond. To succeed on Fiverr, you’ll have to follow a few golden ‘mantras’ which will help you make any buyer go crazy about your gig, your work and he will come again and again to you whenever he feels needy. These golden tips are being discussed in the next chapter and I’m damn sure that those tips will transform you from a Fiverr Guy to a Fiverr Premium Seller.

how to make money online with fiverr as a teen - How To Make Money Using Fiverr

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Here’s a story from another Fiverr seller who opened a commercial recording studio with his Fiverr Income, which also shows how serious he’s with his business.

“Successful People Invest Their Income in Their Business”

TIP: Fiverr can bring you the ‘life-changing’ income that you’ve waited for, but to grow your business it’s always recommended that you invest your Fiverr income wisely. Be prepared for a cash flow into your bank.

[CHAPTER II]: The Golden ‘Mantras’

Okay, this is really going to be interesting and something that you probably never knew about. If you follow these Fiverr tactics, I can literally guarantee you your Fiverr Success, I am talking about $500/month extra residual income from Fiverr, working not more than two hours a day.

#1. Optimize Your Profile

If you’re having an unprofessional profile of yours on Fiverr, you’re not going to make any money. Buyers judge you with your profile, they don’t know you from outside. So, Your Profile is the first impression on any Buyer.

  • Use Your Own Profile Picture, try to use the one which has good pixels. Or if you don’t want to use your own picture – choose one which best describes your niche (more on that later).
  • Briefly write about yourself, don’t pretend to be the best.
  • Keep your Profile updated, for example: If you attained level one today and one month ahead, you attain level two. Don’t you forget to change your level status if you mentioned it in your bio?
  • Tell everyone, what you do and who you are. This helps in building great and long-lasting relationships and this has proved out to be the best aspect of networking with new people.
  • Include “I like to help people, it makes me happy” in your bio.
  • Your Fiverr ‘username’ should relate to the niche of your gigs, this helps you to rank higher in Fiverr Search. For example, if you’re making gigs on SEO, use a name like ‘seoperks’, ‘theseoguy’ etc.

#2. Optimize Your Gigs

If your gigs are not optimized for higher Click-Through-Rates, you’re lacking the most necessary part to succeed on Fiverr. Your gigs explain the buyers about what they’re going to order and that’s what matters the most when your Conversion Rates are to be calculated.

  • Use High Quality Images for the Gig Gallery. Try to use a Standard for all the Images. All your gigs’ images should look alike, if possible.
  • Choose only One Good-Looking Background Image and write what you’re going to provide, do this with every gig. Make sure, you use only one background for all the gigs and their images. This denotes for a particular standard and it makes your gigs stand out from the rest.
  • Use A Video for your Gig. It improves conversion rates by 220% (that’s what Fiverr itself says). Don’t worry about the video, you don’t need to go for a professional sales video. Just shoot one with yourself being the head role, and explain your gig from your mouth. You don’t need a professional camera for that, either.
  •  If possible, use a cover picture for the gig, you may use your portfolio images in the cover.
  •  Keep the Gig Title Short but Complete. Please note that your gig title already includes the prefix ‘I will’, so plan to complete the same sentence instead of confusing everything.
  •  Make your Gig’s Title different from the norms. For example: “I will create three high converting squeeze pages” is better than “I will create three squeeze pages”.
  • Your Gig Description should explain everything you know about your gig. It’s better to use the formatting tools Fiverr provides to lay emphasis on important sentences. Invite the buyers to contact you, and promise to reply as soon as possible. If you’re allowed to use Gig Extras, explain about them and their benefits in the Gig Description too.
  • Don’t overload yourself by picking a less delivery duration. It’s your right, choose what fits best to you. You don’t want to be late.
  •  Provide Clear Instructions to the Buyer. Make sure whatever you write to explain your gig, to communicate with the buyer or anywhere on Fiverr, keep a standard of good English skills in your language. Don’t feel shame to get it proofread on popular Grammar check sites like Grammarly.
  •  Use the Gig Extras opportunity at its best. You can charge more than $5 for a service, and you deserve it. Don’t degrade your skills, ask the price you think your services are worth of, don’t be shy. There are a few stinky buyers who’ll never buy from you, leave them aside.
  • Remember, your gig is like a sales page and it has to be exactly like a sales page, don’t hesitate to mention the ‘Moneyback Guarantee’ in the description if possible.

#3. Communication Makes the Difference

You shall agree, we make buying decisions only when we are thoroughly impressed with the selling company. So, how do we impress the buyers and how do we convert them into our customers or long-term clients? Simple, we have to be top-notch in our communication skills. It’s what makes a very big difference.

  • As told earlier, you should always invite the buyer to contact you. You can use your own profile bio or the gig’s descriptions to do so.
  •  Once invited, they should contact you very soon before ordering. Welcome them.
  •  Keep your communication standard professional. Whenever you send them a message (normally when you start a conversation after a break), start off by greeting them or saying “Hello”.
  •  Next, if you are starting off with a particular word, why don’t you leave a text in the end? For example, you may write “Regards” or do it my way – I keep it simple with a sweet “Thanks!” at the end of the messages I send.
  •  Try to reply to their questions as soon as possible, and try to be direct – don’t try to twist the things. Say it straight away.
  •  It’s always better to offer future help. Just before “Regards” or “Thanks!”, include a little sentence like – “Having more questions? I’ll be happy to answer.” or “If you have anything I can help you with, feel free to ask me. I’ll be more than happy to help you out.” This makes the buyers interact more with you, and build a relationship with you. So, that’s great.
  •  Learn to say “NO” instead of taking jobs you don’t know the ‘ABC’ of. It’s always better to try out new things, but you should only try new things and experiment with new stuff if the person who is going to be affected with its outcomes is only you. You don’t want to ruin your buyer’s work.
  •  Don’t underestimate yourself. You could get paid much more than what you sometimes ask. If you think you’re doing a great job, lift your rates. That’s the rule! But, at the same time, don’t get overconfident with your prices. There are buyers who will pay you $50 for a simple task and there are other buyers who won’t pay you more than $10 for the same task. In such situations, you should fix your own price. If you thing that the job is worth $25, ask only this price – not more, not less.


GOLDEN TIP: Unlike other chapters, this one has a ‘Golden Tip’ instead of the normal ‘Tip’.


“Always Remember, You’re on Fiverr to Offer Something, not to Sell Something!”

[CHAPTER III]: Finding Fiverr Gold

Fiverr is a Goldmine, you know this. But, where’s the gold and how to dig it? That’s what I’m going to be discussing in this little chapter. Fiverr is a lot more than just a marketplace where services start from $5.

If you do it right, you could be earning a lot more than just $5 from an order. I’m about to reveal to you the ‘hidden’ Fiverr features which you can use to maximize your earnings from each order you receive.

STEP #1: Finding A Hot-Selling Niche

This is a very important step and this will actually determine the number of orders you will receive. To find a hot-selling niche, you just have to go to Fiverr, choose any category and see how many ‘Top Rated Sellers’ are there in that gig niche. Never determine ‘Fiverr Trends’ on the basis of ‘Level Two Sellers’.

Once you find a niche which is selling fast, tap into it (even if you don’t have any technical knowledge about it). In my experience, I have found ‘logo designs’, ‘video testimonials’, ‘get traffic’, and ‘landing pages’ to be the most-sold gigs on Fiverr. I recommend you to opt into one of these.

I would suggest you to not to miss fiverr guide on Matthew’s Blog 

STEP #2: Creating Your Profile & Optimization

I’ve already discussed about your profile and gigs and that’s exactly how you need to optimize your profile and your gigs, which will ultimately result in higher ‘Click-thru-Rates’ and ‘Conversions’.

One more tip to optimize conversion rates is to put the following message in your ‘Gig’s description’ and ‘Order’s Delivery Mesage’ respectively:

Gig Description: “Don’t forget to ‘Favorite’ this gig and come back later when you’re ready to order or need it again.”

Delivery Message: “If you liked my work, please share it on your social media profiles and recommend my service whenever a friend of yours is in need of something like this. I will offer them a discount when they get referred by you.”

STEP #3: Promoting Your Profile

Fiverr has started to provide a new option to promote seller’s business on their websites by using an HTML Embed Code. To get your code, hover on your profile icon in the top right corner, click on ‘My Sales’ > ‘Promote your Business’.

STEP #4: Asking for Tips

Recently, Fiverr took a great step to introduce ‘Custom Tips’ into their system. Until now, smart sellers used to create a separate gig for accepting tips from buyers for over-delivered jobs. This strategy of Fiverr sellers was of great advantage for them as it would normally add an extra 10%-20% revenue to their pockets without any additional work.

Fiverr therefore announced a new feature which now allows the buyer to leave a tip right inside the original order once they mark the order as complete. You can use this feature to your advantage by adding this short message in the delivery message of your completed orders.

“I hope you liked my work and for me, your satisfaction is the topmost priority. If you enjoyed working with me, please leave me a tip – it would do for today’s coffee and I’ll readily appreciate it.”

I’ve seen good buyers leaving tips every now and then when they actually get over-delivered work, and are impressed.

STEP #5: The Art of Upselling

Recently, Fiverr introduced another great feature which can be utilized to instantly double, triple or quadruple your revenue from an order by upselling a gig extra or a custom work once the buyer has ordered your original gig.

This feature has been proved to be working awesomely for most sellers on Fiverr. It’s just that you need to know about using these upsell features and pitching them at the right time, which I’m going to show to you.

how to make money online using fiverr as a kid

This gig of mine (the upsell screenshot of which you can see above) is named “I help you increase your Alexa Rank with 10K WebHits”. So, when someone orders this gig for $5, I’ll send them 10,000 website hits in the given time frame. As a result, their website’s Alexa Rank is improved and that’s when stands a chance to offer my gig extras as an upsell (when the buyer has been already impressed).

So, I’ll ask the buyer if he would like an extra 25,000 hits to more prominently improve the Alexa Rankings of his website. And, just because the offer is highly relevant, I most of the time end up making more than a mere $5, all because of the effectiveness of these upsells that I’m able to offer now.

STEP #6: Finding Buyers

Fiverr has one more great feature where buyers can request for custom work as needed by them and then relevant sellers can send their offer to those buyers if they qualify to complete the order.

To view requests from Buyers, just hover on your profile icon in the topright corner and click on ‘My Sales’ > ‘Buyer Requests’

how to make money online using fiverr as a teen

I recommend you to offer your services to these people as this can be an added source of sales for your gigs, which of course you would not like to miss upon.

[CHAPTER IV]: The Smart Ranking Strategy

This is going to be an interesting chapter, I guarantee. No one would teach you how to get a higher ranking on Fiverr, but I will. The reason that most people skip this section of unseen importance is because no one actually knows the algorithm Fiverr uses to rank gigs in their search.

But, there’s a way actually to get more traffic from Fiverr Search to your gigs. This method of mine is tested, proven and will cost you a bit as well. I’m talking about $10-$30 in all.

how to make money online using fiverr as a teen - number one seller on fiverr

The Ranking Strategy is to cross-sell and buy your gigs from different accounts of yours or ask other sellers on Fiverr to buy your gig and in return, you buy their gig. This way, you can get sales to your gigs and the only algorithm known to us which actually affects Fiverr Search results is the number of times a gig has been sold, ultimately.

Now, when your gig gets bought, it automatically jumps position to position in Fiverr Search and ultimately you get more traffic. I recommend you to buy your gig or ask someone to buy your gig at least 5-10 times (it would be better if these sales are made to different buyer accounts).

That’s all it takes to get your gig seen in Fiverr Search quickly and start making sales as soon as you join the Fiverr Marketplace.

[CHAPTER V]: The Fiverr Levels

Fiverr has a great ‘Levels’ system which keeps Fiverrsellers into the game competing with each other every now and then trying to get upgraded to a higher level. When you start off on Fiverr, you’re at no levels.

how to make money online using fiverr as a teen and from home

When you make around 10 sales, you’re awarded as a ‘Level 1 Seller’.

If you consistently make sales every now and then like 50 sales in two consistent months, you’re awarded with ‘Level 2 Seller’ badge on your profile.

Only seasoned Fiverr professionals get to the utmost level i.e. ‘Top Rated Seller’. To achieve a ‘Top Rated Seller’ badge, you will need to make consistent sales with consistent positive rating for a reasonable period of time.

These ‘Level Badges’ matter a lot when a buyer is about to buy from you, I have seen buyers letting go when they see a ‘Level 1’ seller and happily buy when they see a ‘Level 2’ seller. However, I have also seen people ignoring the ‘Top Rated Sellers’ more often because they usually charge a lot.

But if you’re a ‘Top Rated Seller’ anyway, you won’t be affected by these ignorant buyers because at that stage you’ll have regular clients who’d pay you $100-$300 on a regular basis.

I’ve been a ‘Level 2’ seller for a long time on Fiverr and I have seen that most sellers on Fiverr are currently at ‘Level 2’ just because it’s darn easy to get there once you setup everything right in your Fiverr Account.

I believe that ‘Level 2’ sellers make the most sales when combined but ‘Top Rated Sellers’ make more money on an individual basis.

All I would like to say is your ‘Fiverr Levels’ are very effective and you should always take care that you never get degraded once you get up, because if it happens – your Fiverr business can get ruined, overnight.

[CHAPTER VI]: The No-Money Method

Now that you’ve gone through the whole process of setting up your Fiverr Business by using the right technique laid out in this crash course, I would like to teach you one last technique.

Now, this one might sound a bit offensive and disrespectful, but if you can take something positive away from this chapter, no one would be able to hinder your path to success online. I can assure you, that you’ll make tons of profits and there will be no stopping.

Okay, so this chapter is called ‘The No-Money Method’. Quite obviously, in this chapter I am going to teach you how you can make No-Money online.

The answer is simple and significant. You can make No-Money online if you don’t take action. Face it, even if you know everything about Fiverr Selling which even the most experienced sellers on Fiverr don’t know but you don’t implement anything, you don’t test anything and you just don’t take action – you’re going to make no money online.

“Take Action To See Reward, Do Nothing And Be Ignored”

I would like to urge you to implement each and everything I’ve taught you in this course, and then setup your very own Fiverr Business. I want you to succeed and I want to create your success story for you.

In this chapter, I would also like to tell you the reality, the truth of making money online. To be very to-the-point in my words, the ‘harsh reality’ of making money online is that “There are NO Magic Push-Buttons that will fetch you thousands of dollars overnight.”

What I mean is you should never invest in such programs. Programs which claim to make you thousands of dollars overnight without you lifting a finger. That’s all joke, in fact that’s all complete non-sense. There is not any such program at all. Be careful, don’t ever waste your hardearned money on such scams.

Talking about such software products, they’re not made to make you money. Instead, they just help you to make money easily and quickly. I’m not talking about all software products, as a few of them don’t even work. So, invest wisely.

Moreover, here’re some things never to do on Fiverr:

  • Never Undervalue your work: Be confident in what you do and be upfront in asking for the money you deserve for the job you do. If you will not ask someone to pay you more, they will probably never pay you more. Don’t be satisfied with what you have, feel the hunger to get to the next level and do more. Work like a horse, and be rewarded like a King.
  • Don’t be a headache for the buyer, try to deliver the work on time, respond to his queries, accept cancellation requests if the buyer is not happy.
  • Never address your buyer as ‘Sir’ or ‘Boss’. That looks cheap and lacks friendliness. Remember, you’re not someone’s slave. You’re on Fiverr to offer something – and no one can buy YOU.

So, I would once again like to urge you to take action and implement everything I’ve taught so that you can make your Fiverr ventures profitable.

The Conclusion

I expect you to take a lot of knowledge from this very informative guide. I have literally spilled all the beans on your table. I have left nothing out from this guide, this guide is exactly what you always needed to start making money online.

However, I know you might have some question for me. You might have some doubts and you might need some other things as well.

Therefore, I’m always there for you and I always try to revert back to all queries as soon as possible.

You can contact me via  subscribing my newsletter.

You can always check for updates on my blog: CommonStupidMan.Com Thanks for giving your precious time in reading this How To Make Money Using Fiverr – A Complete Guide & Tutorial, I hope this add some value to your online ventures.

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