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    How Long Does It Take To Finish Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

    How Long Does It Take To Finish Pokemon Scarlet & Violet – Once more, it’s time to catch them all. In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, a new region called Paldea is being explored by millions of people. This most recent instalment in the franchise is sure to keep you occupied for hours with a tonne of new Pokemon to catch, gyms to defeat, and an open world bursting with secrets.

    We have explored every inch of Paldea, engaged in trainer combat, gathered all of the newest Pokemon, and climbed every mountain and valley. If you’d rather go straight for the title, you don’t have to complete every side quest to be the best here. We can estimate how long it takes to become a champion as well as how long a completionist will play.

    How Long Does It Take To Beat Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

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    It will take you about 26 hours if you skip school, skip the side quests, and head straight for the Pokemon championship. Fighting gym leaders and completing the final challenges are the only things this concentrates on, skipping over a lot of other material.

    Paldea is an open-world map, so it’s important to note that this time could be reduced by only using Moraidon and Koraidon and by omitting certain portions of the map. Since the entire map is visible right away, you can easily plan quick routes to each gym.

    How Long Does It Take To Beat The Main Story And Side Quests?

    Completing the main story and side quests will take about 36 hours for those who wish to help out side characters and discover more about Paldea. It will be just as crucial to defeat the gym leaders as to complete the side quests for two of the individuals you first meet in the game.

    This also accounts for teaming up with other players to take on Tera raids and deviating from the course to gather extra goods. You’ll see a significant portion of this new territory because some side missions demand visiting unfamiliar regions of the map and dodging natural perils.

    How Long Does It Take To 100 Percent?

    It’s possible that you’re a completer who wants to see everything. It will take about 51 hours to reach the 100 percent milestone. This entails defeating every gym leader, finishing all side quests, catching every Pokemon in Paldea, finding every key item, and exploring the entire map.

    Although 51 hours may seem excessive, Sword & Shield, the final mainline Pokemon game, only requires half that amount of time to complete.

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