How Affiliate Marketers Can Make $50-$100 Daily 2022

Yeah, you read it right! You can easily make $50-$100 on a daily basis. This is a sure shot plan that works 100%, and you will start seeing results within a couple of months.  As you know affiliate marketing is all about earning money through referrals, it makes a profitable idea with just $20-$30 to get started.  You simply promote other people’s products using an affiliate network and earn commission for each sale that you make.  So without further ado, let’s get started!

How Affiliate Marketers Can Make $50-$100 Daily


  • A Blog or website
  • Targeted traffic
  • Excellent writing skills
  • EBook and email
  • Basic HTML and CSS knowledge

Here we go! Scroll down to see the 100% working method to earn $50- $100 with affiliate marketing.

  • Create a blog or a website

The first thing you need to get started is a blog with unique articles to generate traffic.  Here, the goal is to reach at least 100 daily visitors.

  • Generate an e-book

Next, create a unique e-Book for your blog that can grab the attention of the readers. Include some potential information regarding your niche that your audience will love to have for free. As we all know, a book is always judged by its cover, make sure to add a catchy cover and an appealing title to your e-book.

When you are done with the e-book, you should focus on creating landing pages for your blog on the homepage. Here, the visitors can subscribe to your blog or download the e-book.

  • Do Guest Posting On blogs On Your Niche

Guest posting for the blogs on your niche is a great way to generate more traffic to your landing page.  Once you are done with the above things, do some guest posting and add the link of your landing page in the author bio.

  • Send some educational content

You can send an article relevant to your blogging with an attractive headline. For instance, if your blog is about hair styling, you can send a catchy and informative article like how to style your hair within 5 minutes. This way, you can build up the trust with your audience.

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  • Include some relevant products in the link

You gave a lot for free; now it’s time to reap the harvest. While sending the articles, promote some of your products relevant to their interest.


Now Get Ready To Earn Some Money!


  • Sign up at any affiliate network

By signing up at some affiliate networks like Clickbank or Amazon associates you can find the product relevant to your niche. The affiliate networks will provide you with a unique link named affiliate. Just add the link to the email so that you get a commission whenever someone purchases by clicking on that link.  And you know the best part? You will earn even more than the product creator in this process. Isn’t it exciting? This is the charm of affiliate marketing.

That’s all.  You are done! Now, the more traffic and email you get, the more profit will come your way.  This simple trick of affiliate marketing can help you earn $50 to $100 on a daily basis.


Some Affiliate Marketing Tips

Don’t confuse the readers

When the visitors land on your site, you have only a few minutes to convey your idea. So make sure to choose the niche wisely and directly get to the point.  You can get a good percentage of the total sales and make money per clicks by engaging the readers.

Promote the efficient products

Always suggest the products that have high online ratings. This way, you will generate more traffic to your website as you are promoting only the most wanted products and services.

Offer something as a bonus

Anything free can excite a subscriber to make a purchase.  So, be wise and think about some reasonable bonuses that you can add to the list.

Use the foolproof advertising technique

For a long-standing result, go for a cost-effective advertising method that is proven to work. The product offered in your affiliate site must complement your marketing campaign. This is where you will need high-quality articles and landing pages to do the trick.

Post rich content

Articles, landing pages and guest posting are an amazing way to increase traffic on your website. The right content can leave users happy, and they will want to have additional information. It will make them click on your website’s link where you can talk about the product’s characteristics you are affiliated with. This is the most cost-effective and practical way of advertising an affiliate product.

Pick the right payout model as per your need

Here are 3 types of payout models associated with the affiliate programs.

Pay-Per-Sale Or Cost-Per-Sale

Pay per sale is popular payment used by most of the affiliate programs. Under this method, you will earn a commission each time you send a client to the merchant’s website, and that customer makes an actual purchase. Some affiliate programs pay a fixed commission while some prefer to offer a specific percentage of the sale.

Pay-Per-Click or Cost-Per-Click

This is another widespread method where you will get a fixed amount of commission depending on the number of clicks that leads to the merchant website. When a client clicks on the link and stays on the website for at least thirty seconds, no matter what he/she does on the site, you will get a commission. A purchase is not essential in this case for you to earn commissions.

Pay-Per-Lead Or Cost-Per-Lead

Under Pay-Per-Lead, you will get paid on the basis of how many visitors sign up as leads.

The Bottom Line

Affiliate marketing is a rewarding way to earn some money online. Initially, $30 would look like a great number to you, but once you get the hang of it, $500/day wouldn’t be a big deal. But remember, it takes patience and persistence to become a pro. Work smart and think of more creative ideas and you will soon begin to generate exciting sums. Whether you are a new bee in the affiliate marketing or an experienced affiliate marketer, the above method will work wonder to earn more profit.  If you need help with high-quality content to improve your SEO ranking essential for affiliate marketing, there are professionals available who can do it for you.

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