Wednesday, December 7, 2022

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    House Of The Dragon Finale Has Leaked Online

    House Of The Dragon Finale Has Leaked Online: The Game of Thrones spoilers were responsible for the drastic decrease in social media usage on Sundays and Mondays in other parts of the world for a considerable period of time. Even though HBO’s House of the Dragon has not reached the same level as its predecessor, fans have been trying to avoid spoilers. Unfortunately, it appears that the finale of the show’s first season, which is scheduled to be broadcast next week, has begun to appear on torrent sites.

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    IGN was the first to discover the leak. This means that people can download it, watch it, and spoil it in a variety of ways, including uploading scenes to social media or just mentioning it in conversation – as my friend did in The Lion and the Rose episode of Game of Thrones. HBO has issued a statement addressing this leak, and they are understandably disappointed.

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    IGN has been informed that the tenth episode of House of the Dragon has been posted on illegal torrent sites. The episode appears to have originated from a distribution partner in the EMEA region, according to the network. “HBO is aggressively monitoring and pulling these copies from the internet. We’re disappointed that this unlawful action has disrupted the viewing experience for loyal fans of the show, who will get to see a pristine version of the episode when it premieres Sunday on HBO and HBO Max, where it will stream exclusively in 4K.”

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    It is likely that the season finale will be based on the fallout from the explosive end of the previous season. The season finale will be available to stream tomorrow. It is possible that we may even witness another time-skip of the divisive nature that is so characteristic of the series. As a result, George R.R. Martin is on the side of those who approve of these skips, as he feels that the series would become too slow without them.

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    “The Sopranos had 13 episodes per season, but just a few years later, Game of Thrones had only 10 (and not even that, those last two seasons). If House of the Dragon had 13 episodes per season, maybe we could have shown all the things we had to “time jump” over,” said the writer on his blog.

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