Hospital Marketing Technologies That Are Poised To Change The Future

Over the years, hospital marketing has changed immensely. Traditionally, hospitals relied on print media, radio and television for advertising themselves and their services. But the advent of the internet was the first step towards the change. As a result, every healthcare service provider has a website and social media presence today. They invest in online reputation management, search engine optimization and pay per click marketing as well. Beyond these online channels, there are several innovations that hospitals are including in their marketing mix. Here are the hospital marketing technologies that are poised to change the future of this industry.

Personalized Messaging

When it comes to marketing your hospital more effectively, nothing works better than personalized messaging. Essentially, you need to gather data related to searches of the prospective patients who visit your website and understand what they are exactly looking for. Using this data to connect with them through personalized messages increases the chances of converting them. For example, if a person is looking for a dietician, sending them contextual messages definitely help.


Another element that you can add to your hospital marketing strategy is chatbots. You can integrate these smart virtual assistants into your website and mobile app and use them to answer queries and provide support to the users. Obviously, chatbots are capable of being available 24 by 7, which definitely has a positive impact on potential patients. Moreover, these bots reduce the dependence on human customer support.

Voice Searches

Voice technology is the tech trend that you cannot afford to ignore in 2020 and beyond. This is because users prefer to speak rather than type text for finding the products or services they want. According to this article by Digital Logic, a hospital should move to a much more digital heavy marketing strategy to compete in today’s competitive healthcare market. And this is exactly what is optimized for voice searches does. If you invest in voice SEO, the chances of your site turning up in voice searches are higher.


The biggest challenge for medical patients is lack of adherence. As a provider, you can give them better services by adopting the technology of automation. For example, you can use this technology to send across repeated reminders related to dosage, timing, and appointments to the patients. This definitely serves as a smart marketing strategy because patients are likely to remember providers who offer differentiated services.

Mobile Responsiveness

Mobility is another technology that you must absolutely invest in if you want to make your hospital popular. Patients prefer providers who are available on the go. It is important to have a mobile-responsive website that is capable of rendering seamlessly on mobile devices. Even better, you can have a mobile app for your hospital to connect with the existing patients and reach out to the prospective ones.

Embracing these innovative technologies as a part of your hospital marketing plan can give you amazing results. Since the competition in this space is daunting, you must be willing to go the extra mile by investing in these technologies.

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