Tips on How to Hire the Best SEO Company In 2020

SEO can be a tricky and difficult task. The market itself has some many different levels of expertise, focus, and skill sets.  There are many really good SEO companies out there that provide quality SEO services.  But for everyone that does there are low-end companies that will take your money and provide little to no results.

What to Be Aware Of

As stated above there are lots of low-end SEO services that claim they will get your first page rankings for $199 per month.  What they bury in their fine print is this is generally for a keyword that has a month search volume of 30 searches per month or less.

Think about it this way.  What can a company really provide based on $199 per month?  With the average company charging $125 per hour how much ground do you think your website will gain based on 1-2 hours of work?  Not much.

SEO is much more advanced in 2019 than it was in 2005.  Google has gotten much smarter and many of the spam tactics of yesterday will not work.

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How to Find Quality SEO Services

There are some things you can do to help determine if an SEO company will be good or not.  You can find a good local link building companies by asking deep questions and understanding their process.

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Start by asking how they approach to link building.  What is their process and what metrics do they follow.  Right away you can get a good sense of the type of links if you hire that specific company will appear on an SEO report.

Red flags will be links built from blog networks or websites with little to no Google traffic.  Some people would also like to know the Domain Authority of the links being built.  Often times you want an average Domain Authority to be a minimum of DA30.

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You can also ask how they approach content creation.  How do they get the ideas for articles?  Who writes the articles?  What is the process for editing the articles to ensure proper grammar, etc? These are all important steps that should be thoroughly explained.  You can get a good sense of the quality of the company with the answers they provide.

Another good tip is to check out their website.  It doesn’t have to rank well because most good marketing companies receive most of their new clients from referrals.  However, it should have all the basics in mind.  Is there content well written?  Is there a good content flow and topical relevance?

The Contracts

In this day and age don’t get stuck in a long contract with an SEO provider.  Most will offer services on a month-to-month basis but at the very longest the contract should never exceed 6-months. If the provider’s service was really that good they won’t need to lock their clients into long-term contracts.

The other main point is a good contract will outline the deliverables.  What specifically will be done and when will it be done by.  Having this information outlined will help ensure both parties know the expectations.

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