Wednesday, December 7, 2022

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    Halo Infinite News : Unreal Engine to replace Slipspace Engine in Halo Infinite

    Halo Infinite News: Halo developer 343 Industries is reportedly considering switching from its in-house Slipspace Engine to Unreal Engine 4. As a result of Halo Infinite’s troubled ongoing support, the company may be changing its approach to game development.

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    It has been reported by multiple sources that 343 plans to switch Halo’s development to Unreal Engine 5. The implications of this for Halo Infinite support are unclear, especially since the development of the game has been plagued by delays and even a recent cancellation of a feature.

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    Continuing the reporting of YouTuber Sean W (thanks, VGC), fellow content creator ACG also revealed that 343 Industries will be switching over to the more widely used Unreal Engine 5.

    “I can only confirm that many sources are saying this,” says ACG. “[It’s] very clear that it’s already been decided and Halo is for sure switching to Unreal.”

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    As ACG continues, he refers to other issues that exist behind the scenes. “I feel like it’s time for other switches behind the scenes including people leaving and their past problems. Unreal is a great choice.”

    Although there is no official confirmation of this yet, Xfire has noted some previous news that supports this claim. Certain Affinity, which is also developing Halo Infinite, began hiring developers with Unreal Engine experience in April. As a result, it is very likely that Halo as a whole will switch over to Unreal.

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    Given how many companies now use Unreal, this would not be surprising news. For the development of a fourth Witcher game, CD Projekt Red has announced that it will ditch its own REDengine in favor of Unreal. Likewise, this occurred after Cyberpunk 2077’s notoriously troubled development cycle, which may have influenced the company’s decision to switch to a more widely used engine. Tekken 8 is also being developed in Unreal, meaning that many of the biggest games in development right now employ this technology.

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