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    Halo Championship Series has changed its crowdfunding program one week prior to the championship finals

    Halo Championship Series crowdfunding program Changes: A week before the final rounds of the Halo Championship Series, 343 Industries, the developer behind Halo Infinite, announced some changes to its crowdfunding program. Although the move appears to be aimed at increasing prize pools across the board rather than concentrating all of the money in a few tournaments, the timing has proven to be very inconvenient for many professional players.

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    “Since Halo Infinite’s launch nearly one year ago, the community has been contributing crowdfunded dollars to the Halo esports ecosystem,” the company said in a statement. “Up to this point, nearly $500,000 has already gone directly towards boosting prize pools of official Halo Championship Series events and that doesn’t include funds that have gone directly to partnered teams from the sale of cosmetics in their store. This is remarkable. Thank you to everyone who has contributed up to this point.”

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    “Partway through the season, based on the community feedback, we realized there was an opportunity to use the crowdfunding to have a greater impact on the ecosystem at large rather than just a few select tournaments,” 343 Industries explained. “Going forward, we’re going to continue this new philosophy in an effort to bolster the roadmap and add new events all together rather than boosting what are already very large prize pools. Overall, we believe this holistic approach will result in more opportunities for players as well as more content and entertainment for fans to watch.”

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    There has been a somewhat lukewarm response to the change of policy from the community, but professional players have been quick to criticize the timing of the change. I am thankful to still have a championship to play for, but it is baffling to walk back the sentiment of crowdfunding a week ago. OpTik member Lucid expressed disappointment on Twitter. “Only a week before Worlds and they decide to take away crowdfunding,” FaZe member Snip3down added to the ongoing controversy. “Wish I wasn’t lied to when deciding to make the switch. Never would have left Apex Legends.”

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    The Halo World Championship will be held in Seattle, Washington beginning on October 20, 2022. For the top team, the company is offering a prize pool of $1 million.

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