Half-Life: VR Mod

Half-Life: VR Mod: Original Half-Life gets a VR mod later this month

Half-Life: VR Mod:The VR treatment doesn’t stop at Half-Life 2 – from October 20, you can enter the Black Mesa facility in VR to crowbar headcrabs, read someone’s private email, and push all the elevator buttons.

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Even melee weapons are supported, with the player in the trailer seen smashing glass and crawling through broken doorways as he did in the original game. Including mounted turrets and controlled rocket launchers, everything appears to be functional, so you can truly enjoy the original Half-Life to its fullest.

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It is even launching on Steam, so finding and downloading it should be easy enough. To access Half-Life, you will need a copy of the original game – not the Source version. You will also need a VR headset.

“Hi, I am Max! I have been working on this mod with the help of a few lovely folks since 2017. And now it’s finally on Steam!” the story page description reads. “This is a – still beta! – Virtual Reality mod (or port?) of the original Half-Life game from 1998… It is highly configurable and supports all past, present, and future VR hardware by utilizing SteamVR’s VR Input system.”

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Max notes that it is playable from start to finish, so you can experience Xen’s trippy platforming segments in VR even though it is in beta. It is a surefire way to become ill. The buttons, levers, and other objects in-game should work, but if they do not, Max suggests switching to “Legacy Mode”.

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As a result, Half-Life and Half-Life 2 can now be played in VR alongside Alyx – Opposing Force, Decay, and Blue Shift remain to be played in VR.

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