Wednesday, December 7, 2022

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    Half-Life Codename Loop On Steam – An unofficial Half-Life Rogue-Lite game is on its way to Steam

    Half-Life Codename Loop On Steam: Loop -Due to fan demand, Half-Life is getting a rogue-lite game, Codename: Loop, a top-down twin-stick shooter set in the Black Mesa facility and drawing on the original’s art and models. Now that it is available on Steam, you can add it to your library alongside Valve’s official Half-Life games.

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    While Codename: Loop does not have a release date, we have plenty of screenshots and clips to keep us entertained. Gordon’s old pixelated model can be seen testing the new shooting mechanics in the original firing range, or he can be seen shooting down some rogue voritgaunts and headcrab zombies causing havoc in the facility itself.

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    “A few months ago I asked Valve for permission to publish my Half-Life fan game on Steam and… guess what?,” Almenara tweeted. “Codename: Loop is coming to Steam, hopefully with a demo later this year! The game will be completely free.”

    Since it is built upon the foundation of the original ’90s FPS, it was originally called Half-Life: Loop, but in order to get the game on Steam, Almenara had to drop the prefix and rename it Codename: Loop. Codename Half-Life is not the first – there was a 2D side-scroller made for April Fool’s Day in advance of Half-Life 2’s release called Codename: Gordon.

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    It is not the first time that a fan-made Half-Life game has had to change its name in order to be launched on Steam. For its own launch, Black Mesa, originally known as Black Mesa Source, had to remove the ‘Source’ part of its name.

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    No matter what, it has now been added to Valve’s storefront, along with an announcement of a new mode – third-person. If top-down twin-stick shooters are not your cup of tea, you can turn Half-Life into a twin-stick shooter when Loop launches.

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