The Ultimate Guide To Setup Shopify Ecommerce Store Successfully 2022


The Ultimate Guide To Setup Shopify Ecommerce Store

We all can have great idea in the world but only those people will get success who take action or implement them. If we are not taking action and just waiting to get more precise and safe business idea then you  are not entrepreneur. Some time we just have to start and rest of the things will make way for you.

As you know me via my blog and product launches , I am not the one who keep saying you that you ll become millionaire after implementing this course or any other training. I always prefer to test method myself and then suggest you. I personally feel that very few of us can follow those proven 3 step guide to become millionaire and can be one of them.

Some of you do not like my words I know but I always like to put things as they are. May be I am writing some methods wrong or suggesting some wrong ways also but  we all here for sharing stuff and learning from each other . So correct me when you found me doing something wrong and appreciate me when I am doing it right.

After interacting to my subscriber, friends and other blogger I got to know that most of us don’t know where to start , So I am writing this Guide To Setup Shopify Ecommerce Store for those who are willing to start somewhere and trust today topic is the future of Internet Marketing .

So I picked Shopify , Ill be covering almost all the aspect of shopify (Guide To Setup Shopify Ecommerce Store) which ll help all the newbie’s and some intermediate also on their ecommerce journey .

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Lets begin Now – The Step By Step Guide To Setup Shopify Ecommerce Store

Ultimate Guide To Setup Shopify Ecommerce Store

Ultimate Guide To Setup Shopify Ecommerce Store

Hi, I'm Shahnawaz.

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Commencing the ecommerce business is a very lucrative for me and can give you some rewarding experience . Your ecommerce store will build on your decision , You group of small decision will deliver you a living store and your decision will become DNA of the store.

Some time you ll fell that you should stop it , or you will amazed to see the awesome result but one thing I can promise is you ll be learning hell lot of thing from this shopify ecommerce journey. I personally feel that we will learn more when we actually start working rather than reading ebooks , watching video tutorials, thinking or talking about it ..

Choosing a Niche & Product to Sell Online On Shopify

Choosing a Niche & Product to Sell Online On Shopify

Choosing a Niche & Product to Sell Online On Shopify

Getting Started With Shopify Ecommerce Store

The moment you start working on Shopify ecommerce store you ll fall into two segments –

  1. You want to start shopify ecommerce store but don’t have any product to sell online on Shopfy.
  2. You have product to sell or an idea to sell product online on Shopify.

Good news is for them who already have product and just wanted to know how to sell physical product online on Shopify Ecommerce store. But I would like interact first with those who don’t have any product or idea what to sell..

Because the first step is to find the product or idea the moment you know your product, you are already one step ahead. Setting up a ecommerce store on Shopify will come later but have to find product first . You also need to know where do you start looking and what exactly you should look for to create profitable business on Shopify.

Enjoying Guide To Setup Shopify Ecommerce Store ?

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Where to Get Product Ideas to Sell Online on Shopiy.

I know you must have read or heard about many articles on where to get product ideas to sell online on shopify . Some recommend you to look on other product directories , they ask to see on the thousand of amazon categories , they ask you to find keyword which is of low competition / search via long tail pro , But But But  for me personally there is no secret to find the product to sell online via shopify .

Generally I find my product from below mentions ways , You can use one way and I am sure you ll find you r product .

Note – Everything can sale , product just need to have demand in the market that it

  1. Search yourself – You must dive in yourself and ask yourself what you like to what you hate , Let me give you an example couple of months I was looking for t-shirt which should have quote for my online business , Then I started looking for it and endup with nothing .

So I thought create one of my own customized t-shirt and sell it online also. I made a t-shirt on IM business and sell more than 70 pieces . I am telling you this because you also have to first check those ideas / product which you are fond of and you hate of .

Suppose you like high quality headphone / earphone then search about it and see what brand can sale easily I am sure you ll find your way.

  1. Search Other – Here you have to find interest of other , You have look what they hate or love . Let me give you example –  These days I am observing that people are buying selfie stick a lot and its trend also so you can quickly create a store on it .

People are also showing interest in photography even 10th – 12th grades students are buying 80k camera’s and we can sell them right J .

  1. Product Directories – This is one the safest step you can think about . This ensure that demand is there in the market that why product is listed in the directory. You ll see thousand of product under the directory so you have to find out that product which is not common, should not have too much competition , try to go little narrow but not too narrow because may be after successful launch of your shopify ecommerce store you want to expand it .

Some common directories you could browse through include:

  1. Look on Other Online Business – Sometime you just don’t have to reinvest some thing , You can also started a curated ecommerce site like This Is Why I’m Broke and Only Things You Can Buy . They  promote cool and unique products which is curated from other sites .

So you can also start a ecommerce shopify site which will promote fashion product of Italy only or can promote some automobile product of Germany only . So in this way you can create unique site by using product which is already existed in the market.

Let me give you an example here –  Luxy Hair were not first on their industry but they did something unique and different . There were the first people who realize the power of YouTube and  created a channel  on YT and give values to visitors .

So every time when you feel to start a ecommerce sites on existing product you must yourself some question like –  what extra value you can give, how you could be different from to other , Whats your USP etc.

What Product Your Are Looking To Sell Online On Shopify

I bet that you must be getting a sense of where to look for products , but have you asked youself what products are you looking for to sell online on your shopify ecommerce ?

You must be in doubt to start with which products or have stuck with two products .. Don’t worry this is so normal. To get rid of this situation I have developed some criteria to figure which product could be good for me .

I suggest you to please check your product on below mentioned criteria everytime so that you won’t end up selecting wrong product for you.

How To Find Perfect Product To Sell On Shopify Ecommerce Store Online

How To Find Perfect Product To Sell On Shopify Ecommerce Store Online

How To Find Perfect Product To Sell On Shopify Ecommerce Store Online

Let’s start with 15 criteria’s to evaluate the product capability to sell online on Shopify .

  1. Market Size And Competition
  2. Trends
  3. Limited Availability of Product
  4. Target Customer
  5. Profit Margin And Selling Price
  6. Product Size / Weight
  7. Durability And Breakability
  8. Seasonable Product
  9. Passion
  10. Product turnover
  11. Product inventory
  12. Product Buying Times
  13. Perishability
  14. Disposable Or Consumable
  15. Regulations / Restriction / Banned

Market Size And Competition

I always prefer to choose the product which has a big potential market. Try to avoid the product that are a subset of a subset market because you won’t be able to expand later it. For example a product which can be targeted to male ,25-50 age would be very good market as comparison to a product which can be targeted to male , 25-50 + who is lefty (Use his left hand more often than right hand).

You always have to find large market but I have to admit here that this cannot be a case every time . Some time you need to reach narrow market but remember the narrower you go the more costly it will become.

You product should have competition in the market , This is sign that there is demand in the market and you can also try your hand on it . But be careful while picking strong competition product because there must be some giant’s ecommerce stores out there who are already grabbed their market share. To get fetch your share from these giants you must have proper strategy, something unique , something different in the market.

Before creating your ecommerce shopify stores and selecting product you must make sure that you have something unique or new to offer to market. If you don’t have anything unique then come up with unique ecommerce marketing strategy to penetrate the market.

Check DodoCase , Beba Bean and Daneson to see the practical example of research of competition and  market size of product .


Trends Of Product And Industry

This is something which people generally ignore before starting a ecommerce store on Shopify .  You should not end up creating a shopify store on a product which ll be there in the market for short term.

Before starting your should goto Google Trends and check out about your products . Google trends will give you idea about your product decline, holding steady or growing market in the market. You must pick a product which can be sell for long term , You can make some good money for short term trending product but to be successful focus on long term product only .

Limited Availability Of Product

This one if my favorite , We have to find something which is limited due to geographical limitation, or very specific  people are looking for it ..

For example – Scissor for left hander, magicians stuff , sex toys etc . These product cannot bought be anywhere so people are looking out to buy for sure in the market but product is not available. What if we ll reach to them they ll buy from us for sure .

For example – Ellusionist  provide magicians stuff


Target Customer

Do a quick research on your customer and try to find ,Are they able to buy online, what age they belong , are they have buying capacity , are they tech say or they know to use computer ? etc .. You must try to know these kind of information and when you fell that your product have potential buyers and can be reachable via ecommerce store then only move forward.

For Example – Clothes For Seniors , This is one of the most  relevant example I can give you on target customer . They are targeting senior citizen and selling clothes to them only.

Read More – push notifications for Shopify e-commerce store

Profit Margin And Selling Price

You have to do a research before on margin and price as well.  Do not go without proper calculation. Small fees can eat up your margin and leave you with penny benefits .  Experts suggest to have atleast 5-10x markup Yes this is right because there are always small fee occurred and will surely eat your profit .

You must do a proper calculation and compare with your competitors also because you do not want to be too costly and on the same time you have to bagged decent profit .

Your best bet is a product that can be retailed for between $75-$150. The reason I preferred this price is because if you sell product on shopify online for little price then you have sell to many items to reach your profit. If you are selling product on a high price then very few sales you can make and your customer will also complaint about your pricing . Even the customer support will be very expensive in this case.

Read More – Ecommerce Marketing Strateiges

Product Size / Weight

This is one of the most important factor , You ll be scratching your head when you are creating your ecommerce store on Shopify. Everyone need free shipping these days and let me tell you one important point about shipping rates – Shipping rate also are one of the biggest reasons for shopping cart abandonment.

Obviously product size and weight matters a lot , this is the reason which will effect your price and your warehouse costing .

Do not worry I ll cover later the shipping problem.

Durability And Breakability

Do a study about your product , Is your product breakable or fragile ? The more your product fragile the more your cost will go high.  Customer support will get more queries and you or your customer has to bear that fragile cost.

Sometime companies also bear the cost but not every time . I personally prefer not to sell fragile product online because it will create more headache for sure. Sometime fragile can bring those issue or problem you didn’t expect or planned for them .

For Example –  Play Lashes sells hand made, luxury false eyelashes and they said that they lost almost $2,500 in product due to this fragile nature.


Seasonable Product

Is your product is seasonable? It is very important that you must know about your product up and downs. You can see the product via Google trend again. But remember this up and down can impact your overall revenue.

For Example – Omega Christmas Tree Stand got there most of sales at the time of Christmas and rest of the time they sales very few stands .

Passion / Problem

Ask yourself that does your product solve a problem or going to support someone’s passions ? A buyer can spend too much amount for his / her passion and he / she is going to spend money many time if your problem can come out him/her from a serious problem.

For Example – Pro Teeth Guard  solve the problems of old age people , This is the teeth guards to prevent teeth grinding at night

Product Turnover

If your product is going to be outdated soon or your product is depending on a specific trend then putting too much effort will be worth less. I always prefer to work on such sites which does not  depend on any trend or have to wait for specific time.

Product Inventory

Most people prefer not to carry inventory that has many colors, sizes, dimensions, combinations etc. and you may not want to sell complicated products either. Confusing inventory like this creates many steps in the inventory management processes for an eCommerce company. On top of warehouse management and employees to monitor inventory levels, restocking, pricing, etc., there is a lot of work involved. Then, once you start to scale and grow your business, the work becomes even more tedious and human mistakes start to happen; this can lead to unsatisfied customers and excessive work for service staff. But, there is a solution to all of this: automation.

You can easily solve the complication of managing product stock by installing automated inventory management software to your online store. Doing so is especially helpful if you plan to eventually sell products from more than one platform (eBay, Amazon, Etsy, brick & mortar, etc.). Keep your processes simple and your customers happy with intelligent product control.

Example –  Check  MorningHead because they have only one awesome product  and another example is NoteBoard A foldable, pocket sized whiteboard.

Product Buying Times

This is one the important point while choosing product to start a ecommerce website on Shopify . You must think about that your products can be saleable multiple times or it is one time selling only. See to get new customer every time is quite time and money consuming  , So pick those products which can be sell many time to a single buyer.


I can say directly that selling perishabile product is very risky and costly . If you are sales fall short then you ll end up with tons of inventory which is going to be expire soon. If your product is seasonable then you have built a warehouse where you can provide proper conditions . So all I can say that this can very expensive.

Regulations / Restriction / Banned

This can be very dangerous situation, So before buying products for your shopify ecommerce store make sure you have a word with your shipping company , customs, etc. Do not hurry to buy a product before knowing about the product acceptance in the country. If you hurry then this can end up being stressful, time consuming and expensive.

Ok now you know my 15 categories to evaluate any product. What you can do is wherever you are trying to evaluate a product make sure you give a thought on these 15 categories.  This is not necessary that your product will fulfill all the categories but it is for you to give the thoughts.

This way will give you a surface of information which will help you to decide perfect product for your shopify ecommerce to sell online.

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Make, Manufacture, Wholesale or Drop Ship –What You Should Adapt ?

Make, Manufacture, Wholesale or Drop Ship –What You Should Adapt ?

Make, Manufacture, Wholesale or Drop Ship –What You Should Adapt ?

Just to give an example via niche I have decided here that I am going to choose niche of party wear women’s dress . Now the next step we have to think about is what way we are going to use to obtain the products ? Make, manufacture, wholesale or drop ship them.

The 4 common methods to obtaining your product are:

  1. Make
  2. Manufacture
  3. Wholesale
  4. Drop Ship

These four ways way has their own pros and cons and we just can’t choose any way to obtaining the products . let see one by one this way then we ll decide which can be best for you and me .


This approach is very common among the medium level of ecommerce store . If you are creating your products then product quality, prices , cost etc will depend on you. There will no minimum orders you have to give to any one .

But you have to buy raw materials and need a warehouse where you can put all this + you require a place where you can create a product. You have to pay salary / wages to your products makers. In this way you will be building your brand as well which will be very helpful in near future.

You can make products on the very moment when you received the order and stop when you have no orders. Initially this approach is going to cost you a lot but this is better approach if you have funds with you.


This is very easy approach for obtaining product . You can purchase your products from any manufacture which prices and policy suits you. But one make sure you can rebrand the product of the manufacture because branding is important for your longterm goal.

Buying products from manufactures could be little risky also because you have to minimum number of units , This is know as MOQ , some manufacture will deliver your products only when you order minimum order quantity .

So have to order certain unites + require a place where you can keep them + rebrand it and then sell it on your website.  I would like to raise your concern on buying products from foreign countries, I have seen people have became the victim of fraud by buying products from foreign sites .

Make sure you are using best practices before buying anything from foreign countries.  (soon I ll be writing a best practice guide while products from foreign countries websites or vendors.)

Example: Cole & Parker


Wholesale is very easy and wellknow approach in the market.  You just have to buy other branded products from whosale dealer and add markup and then sell it .

Under this process your risk is quite low because you don’t have to buy High MOQ and branded products is already validated in the market so no need to prove the product quality.

Some time manufactures also allow to add your brand with product but if they don’t allow you to add your brand then also you are selling these product via your ecommerce shopify store,So on the other hand you are already creating your brand in the market .

Wholesaling is a good option if :

  1. You want to get up and running quickly.
  2. You don’t want to create your own brand for your products.
  3. You wan’t to sell another brand or many different brands.

Under this process you are going to invest too much like you were investing before two options. Here you will be saving some money for future purchase for sure. And you margins will be upto 50% in normal cases.


This is the simple way which is using by tons of people out there. In this process you are selling product for some else, May be for a mediator or manufacturer .In this process you don’t have to buy products to sell them , So just have to showcase them on your shopify store and then when ever a sale occur just pass it on to the manufactures .

In the whole process you are going to save around 20%  or may be less. Dropship cannot give you much control on the prices and you ll be making little amount on every selling . Remember you have to sell high quality then only you ll be making a good profit.

Risk factor is too low because you not buying products , no inventory required, no warehouse , no labour , no wages , no fulfillment , no shipping etc. It is quite difficult to create your brand on dropshipping approach and to get more discount you have to approach manufactures or mediator .

So What Is Best Approach To Obtaining A Product?

For me I would like to take a manufactures approach as I am long term kinda guy ,so would like to invest my money and time on long term profits and goals. I would like to have full control on my products quality , color , shipping , inventory , name , brand, packaging etc.

Let’s Find A Manufacture

First of all let me clear here that I am going to work with a local manufacturer only , I know must be thinking why below are reason why I am saying this –

  • They are easy to approach .
  • We can anytime person to person
  • In Person negotiation is very strong and we can build a good relationship also after couple of meetings.
  • The big reason is there will be no import headache
  • Low MOQ for sure be there .

So Ill start finding local customer on Google , You can choose other way also but I am sure you ll find someone. I f you still not able to find then ask your friends , near by stores, family member etc  they will help you .

Note – You must clear each and every thing from the manufacturer like when he is going to deliver the order , replacement policy , return policy , discount , shipping etc . so that you ll get confuse or stuck after giving order.

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How To Select Manufactures For Your products

  • Ask Your self – You gutt feeling will never be wrong . After talking to your manufacture are you feeling conformable , feeling to involve him with your business ,is he easy approachable or under stable etc . you know what I mean here right ?
  • Lower MOQ – You have to win this point on your manufactures , The less you MOQ is the less your costing will be , The lees you have to maintain inventory and warehouse.
  • Local Factor – If he is locally available then give preference to that manufacturer .
  • Control On products – Check he got a factory or not . because you need full control on your products and if he able to give that then go for it .

After you consider above 5 points with your manufactures , I request you to fix a meeting with him so that you both can have a sense of satisfaction or can validate each other thoughts .

Remember one thing do check out manufacturing place and quality of it because you are going to get a product from there .

Now you know your product and manufacturer and this is time when you have to select the best shopping cart for you.

How to Choose the Best Shopping Cart

How to Choose the Best Shopping Cart

How to Choose the Best Shopping Cart

Choosing the right and best shopping cart for your ecommerce store business is very important and crucial. The good news there are tons of ecommerce options available in the market and the bad new is also that there are tons of ecommerce store available in the market.

If you are new in this business then selecting the best shopping cart for your business could be very confusing. To select best options for business you must have some technical or need to have experience in the ecommerce business.

Before selecting the best shopping cart business you need to have below mentioned points in your mind

  • You must know how big your ecommerce could be and in future how much you can possibly expand it.
  • What kind of features are you looking in your best shopping cart like coupon function , gifts , promo code ,cart abandonment recovery etc.
  • How technical you or your team are. (If you are not that technical that I request you to use fully hosted ecommerce store)
  • What kind of integration you are looking now or in future like email marketing , contact forms ,warehouse ,dropshipping integration etc.
  • For how much time you would be running your store
  • Ecommerce store is getting update time to time as per market need or not ?

Now you have some points or criteria ,which can use to evaluate shopping carts , As of now you must have got sense that a single perfect shopping cart is not available because it is vary from business to business.

But still there are some shopping cart available in the market which is being  used by the market leader time to time . And people are recommending those carts after using it.


There are two kind of shopping cart in the market

  1. Fully Hosted
  2. Self Hosted

Fully hosted – Fully hosted shopping carts are those kind of shopping carts which doesn’t need you to be a technical guy to operate it . I mean if you are not technical enough then also you can easily run this kind of shopping carts because all the options , function , integration, backups  will perform automatically cart itself.

You just need to English term and a sense of business that it , rest of thing will taken care by shopping cart itself. You just have to login and start building your ecommerce store.

Self Hosted – As you already got the basic idea that in this hosting you have to everything manually like downloading the ecommerce store software and uploading on your hosting , then updating , patching, backups ,functions have to perform yourself .

You have to pay for hosting also and trust me your work will more tedious and hectic.

So what I want to say that if you are advanced ecommerce store builder and need full control over ecommerce store then only you can move to self hosted but remember you have to be advanced user.

But as far as I know many of us have skill to create business, product evolution, business strategy but they are not good in technical knowledge. So its better for new user to stay away from self hosted ecommerce store.

If you are new in this business then also you have to learn a lot things like SEO,SEM, PR, Marketing Strategy etc ,So you already have to learn a lot thus it is better for you to stick on fully hosted ecommerce store .

So after going on various ecommerce store I found these three stores – –Shopify, Volusion and BigCommerce.

Pricing of Ecommerce Store

Pricing is also the main factor when you are picking your ecommerce store . Today many store are available for very reasonable prices like 30 USD for per month . Trust me guys this very reasonable and affordable price for a store because selling a products extra a month can cover your monthly shopping cart cost.

But still we have to pick the best shopping cart which has included all the important + a reasonable price.

So lets see the pricing of these considerable ecommerce store and then we ll decide what shopping cart need to be pick.

CART                                     Monthly                              Yearly                                   SSL

Shopify                                          $29                                         $348                                       —

Bigcommerce                               $24.95                                   $378                                       $79

Volusion                                        $29                                         $427                                       $79

Ok so after evaluating other ecommerce stores pricing and functions I would prefer to go with Shopify and you should also go as they are updating them self very frequently. You ll get tons of apps for your business + some cool theme to start with and theme / app customization can be done via a freelancer easily .

But still I would like to tell you why I choose Shopify over others

  • My store will not be a huge store initially; I will uploading 15-20 styles only so I can manage on shopify easily. Even if I increase the size upto 100 styles then also shopify is capable to manage easily. I am not going to sell hundred or thousand of products on shopify so this is best options for me start a mid level ecommerce store.
  • I would need feature like cart abundant ,coupon codes, promo codes etc feature which is generally used by many other big ecommerce sites. I can get all the feature on Shopify easily.
  • My team is not that technical even I am not technical guy. So for me shopify is best options to start a ecommerce store with. I have gone through the dashboard of Shopify and trust you can easily understand it . It is very user-friendly as comparison to other ecommerce store.
  • I want all my buyers email to my email account so that I can connect them in future as well and Shopify provide this facility. So I highly recommend shopify if you know the power of email marketing.

I don’t want to wait for long time to start my ecommerce store so shopify will save a lot of time because all programming and coding work is already completed by shopify tem we just need to put our logo, login username , pass , product info and BOOM.

  • Shopify is very easy to use and its like the top brand in the ecommerce store industry . Every function perform very smoothly and I have seen error very rare.
  • Shopify have the largest app and theme store as comparison to other ecommerce store , So you can expect more good apps and theme in future . If you feel that Shopify is lacking some features then that very moment you can find a app which can perform for you.
  • The best part of shopify is you do not have to pay any single penny for the transaction you do on your store . It means you just have to pay your monthly fee or yearly that it , No other hidden cost is there.

So as you know now why I choose Shopify over other ecommerce store , Here one more thing I would like to that Shopify is updating themselves regularly and innovating new things so you can expect quality and positives move from the team.

The more update your store the more your ecommerce business will grow.


Product Photography And Branding

I want to keep this section small because this post is becoming hell bigger . If you are selling other product on your store then I am sure you ll get the product photo,details etc from the original seller only.

But if you are manufacturing the product then you have to do product photography and for that I would like to recommend you a buy a DSLR Digital Camera or arrange it +  get a Light tent setup . You can buy it from amazon or ebay .

These whole things will cost you a good amount but it deserved.  Product images attract buyers and many buyers finalize the product after clicking on the images only. Those who do Amazon affiliate marketing they must know that how powerful is to use product images on the site .

To be very frank I am not good at branding so I just cant say anything to you. I would suggest you to look some other authority sites , But still I have some something for you on this branding section . Make sure you give thoughts on this.

  • Logo
  • Tagline
  • Tone of Voice
  • Colour Palette
  • Font Families
  • Visual Language Rules
  • Photo Style
  • Naming Strategy

These are some points which are very important if you wanted to appear as brand . As I already told you I am poor in branding and still learning on this so it better to get basic points and start with it.


Dropshipping Guide For Shopify Ecommerce Store Owners

Dropshipping Guide For Shopify Ecommerce Store Owners

Dropshipping Guide For Shopify Ecommerce Store Owners

I am adding this section just because I experienced that people around me who are using shopify ecommerce store and working alone or with a small team , They are actually facing problems while delivering the products.

They are small as of now so they cant manufacture products , even they are not able to buy tons of inventory . I mean to say they are good at online selling but on product delivery part they are facing funds issue.

So I thought to write a section for them so that they can get a drop shipping suppliers while running a Shopify ecommerce store.

So lets begin the this section How To Find Perfect Drop Shipper Supplier For Your Shopify Ecommerce Store

Before searching for the supplier let me tell you some way by which can spot fake supplier. Yeah you heard me right , There is huge probability that you would end up a conversation with fake supplier .

Fake supplier are those supplier who pretend that they are whole sale supplier but in real they are mediator , They are taking rates from real whole sale supplier and forwarding the rates to you keep little margin for them.

It is very unfortunate that the real whole sale dropshipper doesn’t come up on the search , They are that good in technical . Let me tell you some ways by which you can easily spot fake supplier and get rid of it.

How To Spot fake Drop shipper Wholesale Supplier on Ebay / Amazon Etc

I am sure when you do your research on whole sale supplier of your products you ll find make fake whole sale supplier but yes it also depend where you are searching .

Normally we start searching on the product supplier directories, These directories are organized by the admin of directories owner by products types or market or industry. Directories generally charged nominal fees to the supplier and try to ensure that they are legitimate.

Lets start to how we can find legitimate wholesale suppliers 

  • A fake whole sale supplier will generally sell their product to the public directly , I mean before registering on such directories a whole sell supplier need to apply for whole sale account and directory will ensure whether it is legitimate or not. So if they are selling product directly to the public then try to avoid him.
  • If a whole seller is not asking for minimum order quantity then he is not legitimate, As my experience say 99% whole sale supplier will ask for MOQ.
  • They will charge you much higher if you are asking for some individual orders rather then bulk order .
  • If you call has been answering by a well presented sell representative or some expert staff then it is high probability that whole sales is real .
  • Real whole sales supplier generally have dedicated sales representative or dedicated department. They will give you your account manager.
  • Mostly they take order via email and now people are using apps to contact ,chat with the Ebay supplier .
  • Your supplier must be organized and efficient . You ll get tracking information and they ll be shipping out quickly.

Now you have basic idea how to spot fake whole sale supplier, Lets learn where and how to find real drop shipper.

Note – The more you work the more you ll get to know about supplier behavior, It is learning process and you will find you own way to spot fake whole sale supplier.

Contact The Manufactures Directly

I always prefer to call the manufactures directly, After making some call you ll get to know who is the leading whole sale supplier of the particular products. This is the best way but sometime manufactures doesn’t help so in that case we have to find whole supplier.

  • You have to search too much trust me , because the real whole sales are not that good in marketing and promotions. So you have dig more to find out real one.
  • Do not get scared by their stupid website design, As I told you they are not good in promotions and marketing. Make your final decision after taking rates and a telephonic discussion.
  • Use supplier directories to find the real whole sale supplier. Yes they will charge you some amount to search in directory. But if you know your niche and products then you can find a good supplier easily by searching on directories / ebay / alibaba / amazon etc.

I am giving you some directories options , treat them as a options only you can find more if you do little searches on Google.

But listen before contacting these whole sale supplier you must have know below mentioned points : –

  • Make sure you have the legal documents with you , some time real wholse supplier may ask you to authenticate you.
  • Its is always better to call them and finish your job ASAP.
  • Remember , daily many people must be calling to these real supplier and telling them they have big plan and business but at the end they end up with nothing. So be prepare yourself before calling or message them

Book Your Shopify Store Here And Grab A Full Detailed Course To Start Making Money On Shopify . Trust me this is one of the best course out there for Shopify and you will get support also

Best Shopify Apps You Should Use To Increase Conversion And Sales

Best Shopify Apps You Should Use To Increase Conversion And Sales

Best Shopify Apps You Should Use To Increase Conversion And Sales

When I was new in shopify I don’t know the shopify has a App section also. I was shocked and amazed after watching the apps section, literally hundreds of apps are there and daily new apps are getting added.

So when every you feel that you facing some problems on Shopify Ecommerce or need some more features ,function then I suggest you to look in to shopify App Sections , You will definitely find one for sure .

Lets discuss some important Shopify Apps To Increase Conversion And Sales of Shipify Ecommerce Store

  • Yotpo Review App – This is must have app , This review app will communicate with your buyers and ask them to write a review for you. It has social integration with very neat and clean design . Must grab it .
  • Product Up sell – Every good marketer know the importance of upsell products and how they have increase your sales and revenue. This app will suggest related product to your buyer on the cart which is highly recommended.
  • Justuno – This is must have app if you know the power of social share and social media. This app will surely increase your social presence and will get you more targeted visitors .
  • Chimpified By MailChimp –  This is one of the best app of me because I  know how we can increase our sales by just sending emails . If you also want to increase your sales drastically then you must build email list . This app by MailChimp will help you to build your targeted visitor list and you can promote product whenever you want.  By the way prefer GetResponse for email marketing.
  • Olark – I am adding this app because I experience a decent hike on my sales by using Olark only. This is real time chat options which allow your visitors to chat you on portal , They will ask you question / doubt and if you are able to clear those doubt then they ll buy from you and become your loyal customer . Live chat options will surely increase your conversion and sales on shopify store.
  • Beetailer – I have just started using this app and loving it . This app will help you to showcase your product on Facebook and when visitor click on product they will divert to your store . Real time analytics is available. Even user can like, comment and share and obliviously you ll get some good social love.
  • ShopPad – This app is highly recommended because this is era of mobile and smartphones. The default themes are not good enough to showcase product on mobile, tables and smartphones. This is must have app guys please install it so that your 50-60% visitors can see flawless store on their devices easily.
  • Quick Books – I have never tried this app but heard good review about it . As you know we all have to maintain the accounting books ourself and the more your store grow the more your accounting work will be . This app automatically maintain the accounting books for us , we just have synchronized it and that it rest of the work will be done by app.
  • Email Pirate – This app will help you to capture email address of those people who are just browsing your site. I mean they are not buying but interested , may be you can promote products them later . So this app is important to capture the email of targeted visitors.
  • Vantage – This app is for those who do Facebook promotions of their store. As far as I know almost everyone does , So this app will help you to understand your metrics ,revenue, orders, customer behavior etc  . Basically this is for Facebook advertisement
  • Sumall – This is the best app if you are looking for analytics . Trust me this app will give you data which is better than Shopify . Like sales, pageviews, customer , returning customer etc.
  • Plug In SEO – We all the know the SEO benefits and this app will help you to check on page optimization of your shopify ecommerce store.

As of now I have added these apps only , But in future Ill be adding more and more as our need is going bigger . If you know some aap which can be added here then please let me know , Ill be happy to add it .

Wrapping Up

You know we have converted almost all the topics which is important when someone is planning to setup a shopify ecommerce store.

  • We have covered how to find perfect niches to start with on Shopify
  • how to find products to sell online on shopify ecommerce store
  • what are they best way to obtain the product for selling on shopify
  • How to do product photography and make your ecommerce store as brand.
  • how to find manufactures or whole seller
  • how to – Guide To Setup Shopify Ecommerce Store
  • how to spot fake whole seller supplier
  • how to approach big whole seller of the industry
  • What are best apps on shopify to start with to increase conversion and sales
  • A detailed guide on dropshipping , This is quite famous method now . Small store owners are using this method to deliver their product all over the world by keeping a small margin for them.

I know you must have some questions or doubts Shopify , I am just a email or comment away from you , you just have to ask me and Ill give you reply.

Kindly share this guide (Guide To Setup Shopify Ecommerce Store) with your friends ,family to help me reaching more needy people . I’ll  see you on the next post till then Take Care and Make Money Online Daily.

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