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Do you want to try your hand on getting an article up on commonstupidman.com? Have a flair for writing Current Affairs,tech, and design articles and want to have it read by readers who share the same passion and interests? We can help.

Commonstupidman.com is accepting submissions for Tutorials , Inspirational posts, Showcases  and good articles related to SEO, tech,travel destination,how to,sports,health,lifestyle,entertainment  and religions.

Actually, anything out of the list is still fine as long as it acceptable to site, subject to approval from the editors, of course.

How To Get Published On Commonstupidman.com

here are a few guidelines to help improve the odds of getting published, based on the submission being articles, tutorials or tips and showcases.

A) Articles

If you are aiming to submit an article, discussion, something that features more text than images:

  1. Please have an intro, a body and a conclusion.
  2. Subtitle your main point – then elaborate. 
  3. Ensure that it is between 800 to 2500 words. (Seriously, do not make us reject a piece over this.)

B) Tutorials/Tips

We love them tutorials, although to make it reader-friendly, follow these few guidelines:

  1. Make them straight-to-the-point and under 100 steps.
  2. Include the demo link and/or download link where relevant.
  3. Credit your image sources or link back to the original site where you got the images from.

We Would Love It If You Could…

Give your submission more leverage by

  • linking back to previously published commonstupidman.com articles.
  • submitting in  .doc files are still okay.
  • standardizing the width of images at 500px, 550px or 600px only.

All Done?

Is your submission ready? Then, email me at [email protected] to submit them. Please do not use this link to enquire about how else to improve your chances of being published. We’ve already shared all our secrets with you.

Best of luck and happy writing!