Tuesday, December 6, 2022

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    GTA 6 Map Leak Video And Size: Leaked GTA 6 map is 50 percent larger than GTA 5 map

    GTA 6 Map Leak Video And Size : Recent leaks of Rockstar’s next GTA title have revealed several photos and videos from the pre-alpha build. This was the largest leak in Rockstar’s history. A fan has estimated the size of the map in GTA 6 based on the findings from that leak, and it is large.

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    Observed by Metro, Redditor ChurchofGTA plotted the GTA 5 map over the estimated area of the GTA 6 map. According to the results, the upcoming map is expected to be approximately 50 percent larger than its predecessor. Despite expectations that it would be larger than GTA 5, the alleged size is still quite large, meaning that there will be a great deal to explore. Several players have already attempted to reconstruct the GTA 6 map using MS Paint following the leak, but this comparison represents the closest thing to a substantial representation.

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    The leak has already revealed a significant amount of the game’s content. We also saw a video containing a female protagonist in addition to the size of the map. This is consistent with an earlier leak that suggested that this would be the case. In another video, Rockstar also demonstrated the cloth swishing feature in GTA 5. This indicates that there will be no stone left unturned in the development of GTA 5’s successor. Vice City appears to be the setting of the game as well.

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    I lined up the GTA V coordinates with the GTA VI coordinates found in the leak from GTA6

    As part of its statement addressing the leak, Rockstar stated that it is disappointed by the leak, but will continue to develop a game that will exceed expectations. It has also assured fans that all its services will be functional and that there will be no disruptions. Nonetheless, there is a looming threat as the person who recently hacked Uber may be responsible for this leak.

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    Various reports have suggested that the hacker is a teenager who is also a member of the infamous hacking group, Lapsus$. There has even been an arrest of a 17-year-old hacker in the same case, who has pleaded not guilty. This matter has now been brought to the attention of the FBI and the Department of Justice.

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