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    GTA 5 Pacifist Run: A GTA 5 player completes the Pacifist Run after more than three years

    GTA 5 Pacifist Run : Grand Theft Auto is a video game series known for its high kill count. Sometimes it happens entirely by accident–you just happen to get into a fender bender, shoot the other car driver in front of a police cruiser, which requires you to shoot the officer who calls in for backup before he dies, and now you’re running from the law after destroying a dozen police cars, three helicopters, and one tank.

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    What if the point of GTA was not to tumble down an unfortunate series of events that inevitably lead to murder? How about attempting to kill as few people as possible instead?

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    YouTuber Matthew “DarkViperAU” Judge has been playing GTA 5 for more than three years. His pacifist run began on May 26, 2019, and ended with his 27th video.

    For GTA fans, it is impossible to avoid killing everyone in GTA 5, as there are some characters that simply need to be slaughtered to advance the plot. DarkViper’s “pacifist” run is more like determining the least number of NPCs that can be killed and still make it to the end of the game.

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    The actual number was 96. According to a breakdown at the end of the series, Trevor had the most kills (naturally), followed by Michael and finally Franklin. There were no cheats or mods used, so each of the 1000-plus hours of footage on DarkViper’s YouTube channel is authentic.

    It took a great deal of stealth, patience, and the ability to make use of some quirky AI behaviors in order to avoid being killed in GTA 5. It is important to note that the majority of DarkViper’s battles were fought by friendly NPCs, while some enemies accidentally killed themselves. In the final moments of DarkViper’s run, he tricked some hired goods into falling from a balcony.

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    For a pacifist, 96 deaths is quite a high number. In an interview with DarkViper, he mentioned that he may revisit some GTA 5 missions to see if he can reduce this number with some new strategies.

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    Meanwhile, a GTA Online role player is stranded on the bus after failing their San Andreas driving test. As a result, bank robbers must wait for public transportation after every heist, which can be a risky proposition.

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