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    Gotham Knights players are breaking Batman’s rules | Batman is really dead In Gotham Knights

    Batman is really dead In Gotham Knights : The Gotham Knights video game has finally been released. The reviews have been mixed, but Warner Bros. did the one thing we were skeptical about – Batman is dead and will remain dead. We were skeptical at first, but it appears to be true. In addition to mourning Bruce, the Bat-family also faced the challenge of protecting Gotham without the Caped Crusader. This is not easy, considering there are people with ice-guns and clay monsters roaming around, so it appears that the kids decided to break Batman’s rule of not killing.

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    As anyone who knows anything about Batman will know, he does not believe in killing – resulting in supervillains constantly escaping Arkham Asylum or Blackgate Prison and killing Gotham residents. As can be seen on the game’s Subreddit, Gotham Knights players don’t seem to care about the no-killing rule now that the Bat is dead. In several posts, the Bat family is shown tossing thugs from the roofs of Gotham City.

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    A clip shows Red Hood, a.k.a. Jason Todd, pushing a thug off a ledge. With Batman’s mentor-turned-enemy-turned-mentor gone, Jason has reverted to his old ways and is straight up murdering bad guys. It appears that Tim Drake has followed in the footsteps of Jason, as he has also begun to administer capital punishment. Another video shows Tim hanging from a ledge below a thug, only to spring up and throw him off the roof of a building that appears to be at least fifteen floors high.

    "no killing" from GothamKnights

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    As a solution to this problem, the Arkham games walled the rooftops or programmed the enemy AI to fall forward or sideways when near ledges. Unfortunately, the Gotham Knights developers seem to have completely overlooked this fact. Spidey actually had a great way of dealing with this, where he would launch a web at a thug that was flying off a roof, causing them to stick to the building’s wall.

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    In spite of the considerable Wayne fortune, it does not seem likely that the Bat family could build something capable of launching unlimited sticky rope at precise targets. Therefore, the thugs will have to settle for a close encounter with the pavement for the time being.

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