Thursday, December 8, 2022

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    Gotham Knights Leaked Online: Spoiler-filled Gotham Knights artbook leaked before the game’s release

    Gotham Knights Leaked Online: Thanks to the game’s artbook leaking before its release, major spoilers for Gotham Knights have hit the internet, following tradition with big triple-A releases in recent months.

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    Despite the fact that Gotham Knights is just two weeks away from launching, it may be time for those who are looking forward to the game to begin muting certain words and phrases on social media. Compendium art books are planned to accompany the game, but it appears that some retailers have begun selling them early as several pages from the book are circulating on social media, including those detailing the game’s final boss.

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    Fleur Marty, who is the executive producer of Gotham Knights, commented on the contents of the leaked artbook, noting that he did not see why others would seek out to spoil things in any form. I do not understand why anyone would spoil a story (whether it is a game, a movie, a book, etc.) for others.

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    Even though we will not go into details about the leaks, given how legitimate they seem, what they reveal, and how close we are to the game’s official release, it is worth noting that the spoilers are quite extensive. A page from the artbook that has been circulating shows images of the final boss of the game, along with text descriptions of the scene, revealing a pretty big twist that has been the subject of extensive discussion since the game was first announced.

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    It’s not clear if other pages from the artbook will show up as well, or if this main spoiler will be the only one, but it seems that the compendium is out there in the wild and that more information from the game is going to get leaked over the next few weeks leading up to release, so it is important to be cautious when using social media.

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