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    Gotham Knights’ four-player co-op mode Heroic Assault will be available on November 29 | Gotham Knights Heroic Assault

    Gotham Knights Heroic Assault : In a few short days, Gotham Knights will launch on multiple platforms as part of the video game launch season. WB Montreal has announced that a little more than a month after that, Gotham Knights will receive a new mode called Heroic Assault. The game can be played with three additional players, but you will not be able to play through Gotham Knights’ story with more than two players.

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    WB’s Heroic Assault announcement may have been lost in the midst of all the discussion surrounding Gotham Knights’ first-person shooter. According to WB, the game will be capped at 30 frames per second and will not feature a performance mode. Heroic Assault is bad news for some, but the opportunity to play a four-player co-operative mode a month after launch will hopefully make up for it.

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    WB explains what Heroic Assault will be via an updated Gotham Knights FAQ page. There will be a new mode added to the game via a free update separate from the main campaign. The co-op mode will place the four heroes inside an arena where they are required to clear a building one floor at a time with 30 floors in total. As you proceed up the building, the assault is likely to become more challenging.

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    Heroic Assault can only be played with others online, as with the two-player co-op in the campaign. There is no local co-op for any of Gotham Knights’ modes, and there is no indication that that will change in the future. It is also unclear whether all four players will have to choose their own characters, or if you can all choose the same hero. It is likely to be the former.

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    If you are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Gotham Knights this Friday, you may wish to keep your social media presence to a minimum. Early copies of the game have been appearing, which means there are some pretty significant spoilers. Also, you should avoid the game’s official artbook, which has appeared in the wild early and contains spoilers.

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