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    Goomy Pokemon Go – How To Evolve Goomy Into Sliggoo And Goodra In Pokemon Go

    Goomy Pokemon Go: In the early days of Pokemon GO, evolving every Pokemon involved collecting the appropriate amount of a certain candy type. As the game evolved, so did the evolution tactics, which range from candy requirements to buddy achievements and even weather conditions.

    In Pokemon GO, Goomy is one of the new additions, whose evolution is dependent on the weather. Here is everything you need to know about catching and evolving Goomy into Sliggoo and eventually its final evolution, Goodra.

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    How To Catch A Goomy In Pokemon Go

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    The pokemon Goomy belongs to the sixth generation and is a Dragon type. As opposed to its evolutions, Sliggoo and Goodra, Goomy has been an uncommon sighting since the recent Luminous Legends event.

    Due to the rarity of Goomy sightings, you should use a Pinap Berry for every catch in order to speed up the collecting of all those candies. In addition to being better, a Silver Pinap Berry would also increase your chances of capturing a Goomy in the first place.

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    Using Rainy Lures in Pokemon Go

    Despite being a dragon species, this evolution chain has a unique preference for water and will only undergo its evolution during a rainstorm. While you could wait for a rainy day, why not try out the new Rainy Lure, which was added to the roster of type-specific lures in May?

    In general, type-specific Lure Modules work similarly to standard Lure Modules, except that they only attract certain pokemon types. The Rainy Lure Module, in particular, attracts water-type, electric-type, and bug-type Pokemon.

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    Evidently, none of those are of the Dragon type. You are not looking to lure a Goomy with these modules, but rather to evolve one. As Rainy Lure Modules provide the requisite weather conditions for the evolution chain, they can be utilized to evolve Goomy and Sliggoo.

    Trainers can purchase Rainy Lures for 200 pokecoins from the in-game Pokeshop.

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