Including cutscenes, God of War Ragnarok could run for 40 hours

Including cutscenes, God of War Ragnarok could run for 40 hours

God Of War Ragnarok : Approximately one month remains until the launch of God of War Ragnarok, and it has already been revealed how long players will spend with the game. Ragnarok’s story will reportedly take approximately 20 hours to complete, but if you decide to complete all of the side quests, your time will be doubled.

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According to Insider Gaming, Ragnarok will last 40 hours, with cutscenes taking up about four and a half hours. The game will consist of 16 and a half hours of gameplay throughout the main story, three and a half hours of cutscenes, and 19 more hours of gameplay through side quests, with an additional hour of cutscenes.

It appears that the main story of Ragnarok will be approximately the same length as the main story of the first game based on the reported Ragnarok numbers. Additional content is the source of the additional bulk, since the PS4 version of Ragnarok is said to be twice as large in terms of GB as the first game. HowLongToBeat estimates that it takes approximately 32 hours on average to complete everything God of War has to offer, which is eight hours less than Ragnarok.

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For now, these numbers are provisional. Additionally, it is important to note that these are averages, and the way you play Ragnarok will influence the amount of time you spend with it. It is possible that you may explore the realms of the world for less than 20 hours if you like to skip cutscenes and do not care about what else the world has to offer. It is likely that Ragnarok will take a little longer to arrive if you play on PlayStation 5 and keep stopping to take in the breathtaking views.

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A trailer showing a battle between Kratos and Thor last month heightened excitement for Ragnarok’s release. Pre-orders for the special edition Ragnarok DualSense controller are now open.

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