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    God Of War Hraezlyr Boss Fight : God Of War fan discovers Hraezlyr’s body degrades over time

    God Of War Hraezlyr Boss Fight : In God of War, there are many epic battles and memorable boss fights, but none are as impressive as the fight between Kratos and Hraezlyr. Like everything Kratos encounters, Hraezlyr ends up being thoroughly battered, has one of his teeth stolen, and is left to die on the side of a mountain. Hraezlyr, I apologize for your sacrifice, but electric arrows were well worth it.

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    It turns out that not many God of War fans have returned to Hraezlyr’s body, either to gloat or pay tribute to one of the series’ greatest boss battles. One God of War fan revealed to the game’s subreddit that his body actually decays as you progress. Indels has shared an image of Hraezlyr’s body after Kratos and Atreus set off Fimbul Winter and Ragnarok, and the body appears quite damaged.

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    In addition to looking considerably more broken down and grey, it appears that someone has stolen the remainder of Hraezlyr’s teeth. This is perhaps to be expected, as dragon teeth are an extremely valuable commodity and there are a number of crafty dwarves out there eager to acquire these materials in order to improve their craft.

    The dragon if you go back later. Not sure if this has been posted. from GodofWar

    There is no telling what may happen in God of War: Ragnarok when it finally launches next month. We know that there will be just under a dozen different factions that Kratos and Atreus will encounter on their journey, but whether they will be friends or enemies is unknown.

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    Additionally, we learned that Raganrok will likely last around 40 hours for the average player, and that the game will contain plenty of decapitations and swearing. It appears that Brok is at it again.

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