How to Get A Small Gift in Destiny 2 and Every Cat Statue?

How to Get A Small Gift in Destiny 2 and Every Cat Statue?

A small gift in Destiny 2: There are numerous surprises hidden in Destiny 2. Players can discover a variety of items while exploring the wild, including hidden collectibles and quests. Forsaken’s Dreaming City, a fanciful Awoken fortress with weekly secret rotations, is arguably what started this habit of adding secrets to every planet.

The Dreaming City contains a limited collection of secrets, including cat statues. If you engage with these cats and have a Small Gift in Destiny 2, you will receive a random item of Dreaming City gear. A special insignia can be obtained by finding all nine of these sculptures. Here is a thorough guide to a Small Gift in Destiny 2 and cat sculptures for those who are attempting to obtain the emblem or are completionists.

There are numerous hidden treasures in The Dreaming City for Guardians to discover. One of the Dreaming City’s more peculiar secrets, Cat Statues need a special kind of cash before you may claim one. Finding these tiny statues is well worth your time because each cat you interact with offers new Dreaming City items. This guide has been updated to include more details on the locations of each cat monument, as well as an image gallery that shows you exactly where to go. For ease of viewing, we also included a table of contents. To move to the section you’re missing, click on any cat statue. Happy searching.

What is a Small Gift in Destiny 2?

a small gift destiny 2
a small gift in destiny 2

A Small Gift in Destiny 2 are unique objects that can be redeemed at different cat statues spread across the Dreaming City. You will receive a piece of random Dreaming City loot for interacting with each cat statue. A special badge and the “Remember Your Manners” Triumph are awarded for finding all nine.

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Nine cats are available for A Small Gift in Destiny 2. Each character is only permitted to receive one Small Gift every week. Keep in mind that cat statues only accept a Small Gift in Destiny 2 once before disappearing forever once they are interacted with. To prevent backtracking, keep note of the cats you’ve interacted with.

How To Receive a small gift in Destiny 2?

Upon completion, all Dreaming City quests award Small Gifts. It is best to engage in the activities you love the most because your character can only earn one Small Gift per week.

The following actions result in A Small Gift in Destiny 2 as follows:

  • Any public event in the Dreaming City
  • Lost Sector completions
  • Patrols
  • Blind Well completions
  • Ascendant Challenges

It is best to either finish a Patrol operation or clear a Lost Sector in order to get A Small Gift in Destiny 2 soon. There is a good probability that if you finish those tasks, you will receive a small gift in Destiny 2.

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Here’s All Cat Locations of Destiny 2

A small gift in Destiny 2 All cat locations
Destiny 2 all cat locations

Nine cats can be found in the Dreaming City. The following locations are where you can find each cat statue:

  • x4: Rheasilvia
  • x3: Divalian Mists
  • x2: The Strand

The cat statue may not be visible in all of the photos below. So that you know exactly where to search, We’ve created stasis crystals where the cat statues usually are. Additionally, keep in mind that any words below that refer to directions like north or south are referring to the Dreaming City map, which may be viewed by accessing your Ghost. West is facing the left-hand side of the map, and so on, with North facing the top of the map.

Here are the sites of the nine cat statues:

Cat Location 1: Spine Of Keres

Take your Sparrow to the Divalian Mist spawn point and head north along the dirt route. Head left and follow the straight road until you come to the Spine of Keres after the junction.

Instead of entering the watchtower after you reach a courtyard outside the watchtower, take the dirt path to your left. Continue down this straight road until you come to a bridge with a blue geode. Right past it, there will be a broken wall with a u-shaped hole in the middle.

Through the opening, leap over this wall. You should  touch down on a little ledge with a view of the Spine of Keres. The cat statue in this region can be found concealed by some vegetation.

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Cat Location 2: Spine Of Keres

a small gift destiny 2
Spine Of Keres – a small gift in destiny 2

a small gift destiny 2 a small gift destiny 2 How to Get A Small Gift in Destiny 2 and Every Cat Statue? How to Get A Small Gift in Destiny 2 and Every Cat Statue? How to Get A Small Gift in Destiny 2 and Every Cat Statue?

Follow the same route you took to get to the previous cat statue to reach the Spine of Keres. Head straight inside when you arrive at the courtyard next to the watchtower.

Climb up the surrounding platforms from the watchtower’s entrance such that you are making an Offering to the Oracle. Instead of stopping at the Techeun, turn to your left and you will see a sizable platform that is north of the tower and is illuminated by an amber light. Jump over there, then walk down the hall until you come to the last window. Right next to the window is a statue of a cat.

Cat Location 3: Divalian Mists

Return to the Divalian Mists spawn point and continue north on the dirt route. When the trail splits, get off your Sparrow and scan the northern cliffside for a series of ledges. As you search for a cave entrance, hop down each ledge. Awoken sculptures and a statue of a cat can be found near the cave’s end.

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Cat Location 4: Rheasilvia

Visit Petra Venj’s overlook by travelling to Rheasilvia. An Awoken statue wrapped in foliage may be seen right to your left (looking north). There is a cat statue directly beneath that one.

Jump onto the nearby rock platforms parallel to the left rock wall to get to the cat. Once this short trail comes to a end, turn to your right and look down. You’ll need to leap to the ground and then pass another set of platforms that circle the mountain. Follow one more series of rock platforms along a rock wall that will lead you south once you jump across a few gaps to get there. The mountaintop and the Awoken Statue can be found at the completion of this trail. In order to claim your gift, go under the statue.

Cat Location 5: Rheasilvia

Take the next left on the dirt route after passing Petra Venj’s overlook in Rheasilvia before crossing the Awoken bridge. Jump over the first dirt ramp as you proceed down the trail. Right now, to your left, there should be a little rock cliffside. Find a tree limb growing horizontally and facing the path’s west side as you stroll close to the rocks. On this branch will be perched a statue of a cat. For the precise location, refer to the Stasis Crystal in the image above.

Cat Location 6: Esila Gardens

The Gardens of Esila’s entrance is located south of the Strand. There should be two groups of rock formations on the left side of the walkway after you ascend some stairs and take out a small group of Hive. In the zone’s corner, ascent the second rock formation. A statue of a cat resting next to a tree may be found at the formation’s peak.

Cat Location 7: The Strand

From the Divalian Mists spawn place, travel to the Strand. As soon as you reach the zone, turn right and proceed to the Gardens of Esila’s entrance. Before the stairway that goes to the gardens, there will be a tiny overlook.

A bunch of trees that are sprouting from a cliff are to the right of this overlook. To find a statue of a cat lurking behind a tree, ascend this bluff.

Cat Location 8: Harbinger’s Seclude

To access Harbinger’s Seclude from Rheasilvia, proceed straight into the structure to the area’s north. There should be a descending staircase and a hallway to your right after the first statue. Look for a room with a solitary tree in the middle as you proceed down this corridor. A statue of a cat is perched on one of the tree’s limbs.

Cat Location 9: Harbinger’s Seclude

You can find a cavern with a sizable building and a statue by going further down the first hallway in Harbinger’s Seclude. Hug the right wall as you exit the cavern and proceed along it to the building. To get to the roof, climb up the pile of rocks next to the structure. A statue of a cat perched on the eve of the roof looks down into the cavern.