General marketing ethics all SMBs need to follow 2021

If you want your business to thrive and grow, you need to follow some ethical standards. You need to create internal policies regarding ethics in your company in order to make sure that the rights of your employees and other stakeholders are always respected.

If your company does not deploy proper ethical practices, your reputation may be severely damaged, and you certainly know how important a good reputation is for your business. It is one of your most valuable assets and, if it is negatively affected, it can be very difficult to rebuild it.

Some of the most important ethical practices that all small and medium-sized businesses should follow are those related to marketing. Marketing ethics represent all the values and moral principles that you include in promoting your products or services to your consumers. In order for your business to have good marketing ethics, you need to make sure that they lead to excellent customer satisfaction.

With that in mind, take a look at the crucial areas of general marketing ethics that all SMBs need to follow.


Professional Conduct

Following the code of professional conduct in marketing means that you need to treat your employees, customers, competitors and regulatory bodies with utmost respect, regardless of their culture, religion and anything else that makes them different than you.

You need to interact with them respectfully and honestly, without any kind of discriminatory behaviour. You also need to showcase your products and services accurately and show that you are always there to offer a helping hand whenever they need it.

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Products and Customer Service

Marketing ethics regarding your products includes, first the foremost, offering products that are perfectly safe for your consumers. Furthermore, you need to provide your consumers with clear instruction for properly using your products, so that they can actually benefit from them.

You also need to offer excellent customer service that will help resolve any issues that your consumers may have. That way, you will gain their trust and significantly improve their satisfaction with your brand.



Ethics in pricing means that you should never market products or services that incur hidden charges. Your customers need to know exactly what amount of money they would need to pay for your products or services if they decide to purchase from you.

If your prices are not clear, they will see you as dishonest and they will certainly not trust you, so you will damage your reputation and, with it, lose a lot of customers.


Advertising and Promotion

When promoting your products or services, you need to make sure that you are completely honest when it comes to their features and the benefits they can provide to your consumers. You need to promote them accurately and showcase their real value, so that you can effectively attract more customers and generate more sales and ROI.


Market Research

Market Research - General Marketing Ethics All SMBs Need to Follow

When conducting market research, you are gathering information about your target customers, which includes their personal information. A good practice of marketing ethics means that you need to let them know that you are collecting that data in the first place and that you will make sure that the data is perfectly safe.

You need to always respect their privacy, as well as inform them about what kind of data you are collecting and for what purpose it will be used. If you fail to do all that, not only will you destroy your reputation, but you will also face some serious legal problems. If you are not quite sure how to follow privacy legislation, you can always hire someone to do it for you, as there are plenty of professionals who know how to handle various back office operations, such as market research.

If you abide by all of these general marketing ethics, you can be sure that you will build a strong reputation for your company and effectively grow your business.

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