Gemtracks Beats Marketplace Review: Pros and Cons 2022

Gemtracks is a not your ordinary beats marketplace that you visit to buy your usual hip hop beats and trap beats. In fact, it’s not just another beats marketplace, either.

It is a music-industry music marketplace.

What sets Gemtracks apart from other similar marketplaces is that everything on the website is exclusive and can only be sold once. This means that once a beat is sold, it is removed from the website and the buyer gets the copyright transferred to them.

While other marketplaces charge up to several thousands of dollars for such exclusive license, all the beats on Gemtracks are priced at $149. This means it is a fair and attractive playing field for customers, and allows sellers to make bigger sales while giving up their intellectual property.

While most beats marketplaces would just stop at the end of each beats purchase, Gemtracks take it several steps farther. There is also a freelance marketplace where customers can hire session instrumentalists, songwriters and even producers to work on their song that the beat was purchased for.

Need a studio to record your vocals over? No problem, there is even a marketplace for that too, on Gemtracks.

At the end of the day, Gemtracks gives the artist full control of the entire journey of their music creation and distribution.

Pros of Gemtracks

  • The platform has made name in recent years for their fixed-price beats of $149. This means you can rest assured you won’t pay higher than this amount and also have access to a collection of more than a thousand beats to browse through.
  • It allows sellers to make money faster. While other websites encourage buyers to buy beats for a few dollars and then pay royalties to the sellers when the song starts to make money, this has proven to be an unviable income source for many sellers. It can take years for a song to start generating money, and over that time, the seller may only make a few dollars max in royalties.
  • For sellers, instead of just selling beats, there is another huge range of opportunities to freelance for, including music services, listing studios and reviewing songs.
  • Gemtracks offers a plugin for sellers to sell their beats on their own websites while making it look 100% natural. Customers don’t even need to go through the usual Gemtracks checkout if they wish to make a purchase. This allows the seller to create their own store without relying on the Gemtracks marketplace.
  • Buyers get their Transfer of Copyright contracts mailed to their home addresses. This is a first as all other marketplaces simply send PDFs through email.

Cons of Gemtracks

  • The most obviously disadvantage for sellers is that they can’t make more than $149 per beat. Also, there may be times when the seller may earn less than $149 if the buyer uses a coupon.
  • The beats catalogue lacks social interactions such as likes, shares and comments. This is probably due to the fact each beat can only be sold once, so there is no reason to celebrate and glorify the beats with such social interactions as the beat will be removed once it has been sold.
  • Sellers must wait 14 days before they can be paid. According to the Terms and Conditions, this is to allow the buyer to ensure their beats are 100% original and has never been registered before.

So there you have it, an honest review on Gemtracks. In my opinion, Gemtracks is trying to not only dominate the beats industry, but the music industry too. An article from The Jerusalem Post that I found also confirms this.

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