Wednesday, December 7, 2022

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    Former Criterion developers reveal plans for Black 2 have been scrapped

    Black 2 Video Game: This Criterion take on the FPS genre has something of a cult following, being regarded as one of the last games released on the PS2 and original Xbox at the tail-end of the generation. Black received favorable reviews at the time and was visually impressive, and the 2006 game seemed to have an impact enough to warrant a sequel, but one never materialized. Former Criterion employees have now revealed what they had planned for this abandoned project.

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    In an interview with thatHITBOX, several former Criterion developers discussed their design decisions for the sequel (via Eurogamer). There were several objectives, one of which was to incorporate “network gameplay” for co-op as well as a recovery system in the event of a player’s death. One of the most repeated criticisms of Black is the absence of multiplayer functionality in the original game.

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    According to Ben Minto, a technical sound designer on the original title, the sequel to Black would be titled “Rendition.” “The idea was that American troops went overseas, kidnapped people, and brought them home across borders,” he said.

    Micheal Othen, the level designer for Black, stated that the sequel would offer an “amazing” cover mechanic, which would allow gamers to “position themselves against things and blind fire”. According to him, the mechanic would have been intuitive and organic.

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    The enemy AI behaved in an interesting manner with respect to the environment. You would see them jump over car bonnets and slide into cover. As a player, this looked amazing because of the dynamic flow of movement. These were just the earliest ingredients at the stage of R&D,” he said.

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    In light of this, the developers explained that Criterion was already swamped with Burnout Paradise, while the market for shooters appeared saturated. “There were a lot of shooters coming out, even within EA,” said Othen. In addition, Bad Company experimented with destructible levels. The publisher may not have been able to see how ‘Black 2’ would fit in with other games on their schedule. I was disappointed that the game did not see a release”.

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    There is a lot more information on thatHITBOX about Black’s sequel, including how it was intended to be even more movie-like and even reminiscent of Hitman. We strongly suggest that you read the full feature there.

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