Tuesday, December 6, 2022

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    Following backlash, Twitch tightens its gambling policy

    Twitch tightens its gambling policy: As a result of large amounts of backlash from viewers and high-profile streamers who view gambling streams as predatory, Twitch has updated its policies regarding gambling recently. As of yesterday, it has implemented its promise to ban many gambling websites from being streamed on the platform.

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    Twitch’s blog (via Win) attempts to clarify the site’s position on gambling streams. It is believed that Twitch has been suspended as a result of streamer ItsSlicker scamming viewers and fellow streamers for hundreds of thousands of dollars to fuel his gambling addiction, and will now prohibit streaming of sites containing slots, roulette, and dice games that are not licensed in the United States or other jurisdictions providing consumer protections such as deposit limits, waiting periods, and age verification systems.

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    According to this expression, a gambling site must both offer slots, roulette, and dice games and be unlicensed in the United States or other countries with similar consumer protections. As long as the site follows the rules, people will be able to stream the content.

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    “At launch, Twitch will prohibit the use of Stake.com, Rollbit.com, Duelbits.com, and Roobet.com. In addition, we may identify other sites as we proceed.” In order to avoid a second Twitch strike by streamers such as Pokimane, it is reassurances that these gambling sites will be closely examined for a long period of time.

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    Twitch is implementing these rules, but it will not crack down immediately. To be fair to streamers who may not have understood the change yet, we will be implementing warnings in addition to suspensions in applicable cases as a consequence of this change. In light of this, if you still see people streaming these sites, do not expect them to be immediately banned.

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    Amouranth recently broke down on Twitch while calling out her husband’s abuse. According to her, she now feels human again. A woman at a TwitchCon after-party repeatedly groped xQc’s legs and genitals, according to his stream recently.

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