Five New Technologies That Will Improve Your Business 2020

In order for your business to succeed, it needs to seamlessly adapt to the ever-changing technological advances around us. Whether you’re looking to automate your existing systems or collaborate with fellow professionals on a global scale, the internet has made it easier than ever before to maximize your output without busting your budget. In example, now you have very affordable methods for your own campaign on social media networks. With The Marketing Heaven, real and carefully targeted likes, views and subscribers or followers can be yours!

The question is, just how many of these newfangled solutions should you give credence to, and which ones will enhance your own business systems? Every organization is of course different, but here are five new technologies that you should definitely consider to help improve the way you do business in 2018.


  1. The Internet Of Things. This phrase has been been around for a while now, and although you may have heard of it, you may not be aware of what it involves. Simply speaking, your smart devices are now capable of far more than just playing videos or accessing your social media, and The Internet of Things harnesses the power of remote technology to change the environment around us. Intelligent systems that can undertake tasks for us from a distance are becoming more prevalent in the commercial world. This year, remote software and technology will continue to improve and our devices will be more interconnected with each other than ever before.

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  1. Consumer Connections. Simply selling your product online is nothing unusual, but allowing your customer to connect with you via their device or smartphone is making consumer connections super accessible. Companies like Uber, AirBnB, and Trunk Club allow the millennial generation to order the service they require directly from an app, making for fast and fuss-free connections as well as seamless integration. The services also help to build a sense of community and improve customer satisfaction.


  1. Remote Employees. Businesses are no longer restricted to working within the confines of an office. More than 50% of global business models can succeed by using remote employees and collaboration software that project manages distance workers for you. Your “staff” can be anywhere in the world and can work for you on a long-term basis, or simply be called upon for help with individual projects. Remote working promotes flexibility and a better work/life balance for everyone involved, and will usually save you money too.


  1. Intuitive Software. Easy to use and full of possibilities, intuitive software is transforming the way in which businesses interact with their customers. From touch screen menus through to wearable devices and everything in between, applications with simple interfaces help to guide the customer through an ordering process or help them to manage and record their own personal goals and data.  

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  1. Early Payment Systems From Chime Bank. While internet banking is nothing new, advanced payment apps are. Something like a get paid early app means that your money can be be received into your account up to two days earlier than regular banking systems usually offer.  This in turn will help your business to keep track of payments and ensure that cashflow is never a barrier to your ongoing success.


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