Friday, December 9, 2022

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    Final Fantasy 14 Cat Girl: The Final Fantasy 14 game fan has made a life-size fat cat mount

    Final Fantasy 14 Cat Girl: According to the in-game lore, you can have a fat cat minion following you around, getting fatter by devouring the remains of whatever beasts you slay. Due to its chubby cheeks and wobbly body, Square Enix wisely decided to make it a premium mount in 2019. In spite of its high price tag of $24 USD, the Fatter Cat mount is widely considered one of the best things you can purchase for real money in Final Fantasy 14. It is even considered by some to be the best mount in the game.

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    There is no doubt that Lasciva, a peluchière (plushy) maker living in Czechia, shares that sentiment. In a recent announcement, she unveiled her custom-made, life-size Fatter Cat plush toy that is so large that it is essentially a beanbag chair.

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    Since April, Lasciva has worked on this project and confirmed that the Fatter Cat plush is the “biggest plush I have ever made.” The paper pattern alone took eleven hours to print and assemble, and another four hours to cut. A full kilogram (2.2 pounds) of stuffing is contained in the nose, tail, cheeks, and ears, while the body is composed of 600 liters (158.5 gallons) of polystyrene beads.

    Despite this, the plushie still weighs under 10 kilograms and has been described as “very comfortable.”

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    The Lasciva website offers an impressive collection of Pokemon plush toys, but there is no listing for this wildly obese cat, and she does not currently accept custom orders. It is a pity since we can see this design really taking off with fat cat lovers around the world, regardless of whether they are Final Fantasy 14 players.

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    The new minion in Final Fantasy 14 has been dubbed “Erecthonius” by Japanese players due to an unfortunate typing error. As a result, Japanese players have made a great deal of lewd jokes that still land even after translation.

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