Final Destination 6 : New Final Destination directors got the job by faking a death on Zoom

Final Destination 6 : New Final Destination directors got the job by faking a death on Zoom

Final Destination 6: After delivering a deadly Zoom pitch, Zach Lipovsky and Adam B. Stein were selected as directors for the new Final Destination film.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lipovsky and Stein, the filmmaking duo behind the 2018 sci-fi thriller Freaks, were already in the running for the Final Destination directing gig, but ultimately sealed their fate when they participated in a Zoom pitch with New Line executives and producers. Following the meeting, the pair created quite a scene in order to ensure they were the frontrunners.

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As the call came to an end, the fireplace located behind Lipovsky and Stein was engulfed in flames, and the mantel began to burn, causing a pause in the proceedings. While the filmmakers extinguished the blaze quickly, much to the relief of the other participants, the chaos continued when an overhead ceiling fan came crashing down and decapitated one of the directors.

As soon as the executives and producers realized that Lipovsky and Stein had played a trick, tension in the air was immediately dissipated. The filmmakers reportedly used a combination of pre-recorded footage and visual effects to create the action-packed scene, which elicited laughs from the crowd and secured their positions as directors for the forthcoming film.
In spite of the fact that plot details for the Final Destination reboot remain under wraps of the Grim Reaper, it has been speculated that the sixth movie will follow a similar formula to the previous films in the franchise, in which a group of people cheat death and then death returns to claim them by employing any means possible, resulting in elaborate and unexpected death sequences.

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In addition to Lori Evans Taylor, Guy Busick, who worked on the screenplay for the latest installment of Scream, is credited with writing the script. The picture is being produced by Jon Watts, who also wrote the treatment for the relaunch. His wife and manager, Dianna McGunigle, will serve as a producer alongside Final Destination franchise veterans Craig Perry and Sheila Hanahan.

Back in 2000, Final Destination terrified audiences for the first time. There were four sequels to that original film, each focusing on a different group of characters who were being pursued by Death. It has earned over $655 million at the global box office, making it a huge commercial success, but Perry previously assured fans that it would not feel like a “cash grab.”