The Doom Patrol

Failure of The Doom Patrol is Slowly Destroying The DC Universe

Failure of The Doom Patrol is Slowly Destroying The DC Universe

The DC Universe has been covertly sentenced to a long, drawn-out destruction as a result of the Doom Patrol losing their most significant battle to far.

Despite their greatest efforts to save the planet, the Doom Patrol unintentionally assisted in the DC Universe’s eventual demise. In Doom Patrol #33, the World’s Strangest Heroes’ part in the final demise of the world is revealed.

The DCU is a realm where issues frequently threaten to destroy it. And regrettably, not even the formidable power of the Justice League can stop these issues. Nevertheless, there are a number of teams working to fend off the dangerous and the bizarre, with the Doom Patrol being the most successful of these. The team’s record of averting the worst disasters is very impressive for a small group of oddballs and misfits. The Doom Patrol is a dependable force in averting the more serious kinds of apocalypse situations, even though they might not receive the acclaim that DC’s A-Listers do.

The Doom Patrol Was unable to thwart a threat that was divine.

Even while the Doom Patrol is typically adept at combating end-of-the-the-world dangers, there wasn’t much the team could do to stop a strong, godlike force from wiping out the entire universe. The Decreator, an evil entity, has been called forth by the Cult of the Unwritten Book in Grant Morrison and Richard Case’s Doom Patrol #33. Things are slowly and piece by piece blinking out of existence throughout the universe.

Crazy Jane has an idea: if they can’t stop the Decreator, they can try to stop it from happening. Jane’s alters produce a countervibration to the Decreator by tuning a cathedral like a tuning fork. Unfortunately, they only really manage to slow down the Decreator rather than completely halt it. Even now, the universe is disintegrating, albeit at an unnoticeable rate.

The Doom Patrol’s Negative Man may be too strong for the team’s TV show in one of his iterations. Rebis, a persona that Larry Trainor developed into, was a strong upgrade that made the protagonist a near-god.


Over the years, the Doom Patrol’s roster has undergone quite a bit of change. Negative Man, a.k.a. test pilot Larry Trainor, is the team’s linchpin and the only member who appears in almost all iterations. Trainor, who can fly, phase through walls, absorb and redirect energy, and the Negative Spirit, a mysterious figure, are tied together after being subjected to a mysterious radioactive environment. While Larry’s employment of the Negative Spirit frequently rendered his body unprotected, the ethereal creature emerged as one of the Doom Patrol’s most valuable weapons when battling the Brotherhood of Evil’s many adversaries.

The squad has faced other universe-ending dangers besides The Decreator. The Doom Patrol has successfully prevented apocalypses from the Fifth Horseman to the Candlemaker in the past (or, at the very least, they didn’t make matters worse). They were unable to halt the Decreator, one of the few really omnipotent entities. The Doom Patrol may have, at most, lessened the entity’s harm, but the one evil they were unable to stop is still officially destroying the DC Universe.

No matter what, the DC Universe is doomed.

Even if no reality is designed to exist forever, this casts a grim new light on the other DCU characters’ activities. Truth be told, the battle has already been won by the Decreator as the various Justice League heroes battle to protect the globe from threats posed by bad guys like Darkseid or the Anti-Monitor. All of creation is still being slowly picked apart by it. Even while it might not be apparent now, ultimately people will realise what is happening and how powerless they are to stop it. The Doom Patrol puts up a brave battle, but this defeat will be the last straw for the DC Universe.