Facebook Ads for SaaS: 8 Tips to Get Amazing Results 2022

If you are doing marketing for your Software as a Service (SaaS) company, then you probably thought about running Facebook Ads.

Without a doubt, Facebook Ads is one of the most effective marketing campaigns that you could do promote your SaaS business. But also remember that not all businesses are the same, so you still have to test everything.

In this post, we will talk about some of the Facebook Ad strategies that will help you garner amazing results for your SaaS business:

Target the right audience

One of the biggest mistakes a lot of SaaS marketers commit when starting their Facebook ads is targeting their audience.

When segmenting your audience and picking different behaviors and interests, you have to think carefully. Sometimes, you might find yourself targeting users on the platform that are not interested. Meaning you have to focus on finding the real interests your audience has.

For starters, a lot of users express their interest on Facebook. You could utilize this public information to your advantage.

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Create your Facebook ads funnel

Behind every highly successful campaign is a solid marketing funnel. In a nutshell, a funnel is made up of a series of steps that prospects go through before they ultimately make a transaction with you.

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The goal here is to turn a person who does not know your brand that well into a loyal customer.

For most SaaS startups, the ideal funnel is made up of four parts:

  • Awareness. This refers to when a prospect has first heard of your business.
  • Interest. This is the stage wherein prospects would want to know more about you and your service.
  • Evaluation. This is when a prospect starts considering you as a service provider, as well as compare your business from your competitors.
  • Sale. This is where the ultimate conversion happens.

Pick a great ad placement

The placement of Facebook includes the following:

  • Facebook feeds (both desktop and mobile)
  • Facebook right-hand column
  • Audience network
  • Instagram
  • In-Stream Video
  • Articles

When it comes to marketing your SaaS product, your ad placement plays a key role in the overall results of your Facebook Ads.

Hence, it is advisable to always track your Facebook campaign’s cost-per-acquisition, at the same time, measure whether or not your product experiences can convert leads into paying customers at the same rates.

Perform A/B testing on your ads

Unless you have the power to read your target audience’s minds, it is quite impossible to figure out what they think or prefer.

Would they pick lighter or darker images? Will your ad headlines be in the form of a question or statement? What is your offer that outperforms that rest?

Is your ad delivery optimized in the most efficient way possible? Are you even targeting the right audience?

Split testing your ads allows you to answer these questions. It prevents your gut feeling from having too much say in the whole ad creation process.

Take advantage of the Facebook Pixel

One of the best things about Facebook marketing in the SaaS industry is that everything happens online. It means that you could virtuallytrack everything.

While it might take some work to set up an ad conversion tracking like Facebook Pixel on your site, it is worth it!

After the initial set up, you can now track actions and conversions like:

  • The cost-per-click on your landing page
  • The cost for every new lead
  • The cost for every install of your mobile app
  • The cost for a free trial sign-up
  • All the other options are practically endless

Run retargeting ads

Remember that when a user signs up for a free trial of your product or software, you are only half-way there. 

During the initial trial period, you must do everything to make your users excited about your product so that they will be compelled enough to use it in the long term.

That’s where retargeting comes in.

You are probably aware that retargeting is one of the best promotional campaigns out there. However, what you might not know is that you may run retargeting campaigns on Facebook through their native ad platform.

You could set up your Retargeting as unique campaigns instead of separate Ad Sets. That way, it is quite easy tracking the results that are retargeted, as compared to other top-funnel campaigns.

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Produce video ads to improve click-through rate

Videos are gaining more and more popularity on Facebook’s news feed, compelling millions of brands to use it into their own marketing campaign.

So, Facebook video ads are not just a trend. It is an excellent strategy that attracts your audience, drives engagement, and generate leads.

It is also a great platform to promote your SaaS product or service. If you have a great SaaS product that you want to show in action, then video ads on Facebook are one of the best ways to execute it.

Content Promotion

Most SaaS companies are aware of the value of content marketing. But only a few realize that it could be an excellent tool for growing your brand and promoting your content online.

If done the right way, your blog posts can even serve as native content that can help you bring more leads and free trial sign-ups.

You can promote your content to the following people:

  • Your Facebook fans
  • Lookalike audiences
  • Fans and followers of your competitors

It is Time to Grow Your Business

Once you start knowing the ropes in Facebook advertising, you will discover a world of perks, challenges, and execution strategies that are highly specific.

Who knows? You might even overtake your toughest competitors by trying out fresh and unique strategies of refining your Facebook Ads.

About the Author

Kevin Urrutia is the founder of Voy Media, a SaaS Marketing Agency based in New York. He helps people promote their SaaS business by creating digital marketing, demand and lead generation, content, and web design and strategies.

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