Email verifier review 2022: why to choose Snovio?

In email marketing, the basic thing that is required is the correct email address. Even if you have the best template, products and/or services, and the best marketing strategy, still it will not work because you do not have the recipients.

It is common that around 30% of the emails sent out in email marketing are bounced back. People tend to ignore that fact and get happy with whatever leads they get out of the remaining 70%. But they forget that they are actually paying the mailing platform for the 30% also and it is a dead investment.

Even I was happy with the meager leads that I got out of email marketing until I found out about Snovio. It is a revolutionary idea that has changed my marketing strategy completely. With so many helpful tools out there, it is a perfect combination for marketing the business online. On top of it, they keep on adding new tools regularly and offer all these services for free completely.

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Email verifier: a brief insight

Out of all the Snovio tools, the best one for me was the Email Verifier. In simple words, it checks and validates an email address, whether it is correct or not, and, all in all, it helps avoid bounce back of emails after being sent. So it saves my efforts as well as money. Moreover, there are lots of features inside the tool that will make the business flow.

Here are some features which makes it an awesome tool:

email verifier review

  1. No need to download: it is available in the form of an online Chrome extension so you don’t need to download any software and can use it on the go right from the browser. Best recommended tool for verification on most popular operating systems.                                                                    email verifier review snovio
  2. Upload lists: you can easily upload lists of email addresses so that you do not have to waste time on verifying single email addresses. It cleans the lists from invalid email IDs and there is no chance that your account would get blocked or suspended because of high bounce rate.
  3. Accurate data: Email checker by Snovio ensures that you get the best and accurate results with its real-time verification process. It produces fewer emails that have a catch-all status. This ensures that the bounce rate doesn’t go beyond the limit.
  4. Faster results: The email verifier is quite fast and lists containing thousands of emails can be cleaned within minutes. Even if you have a huge list of emails you will get accurate results in few minutes.
  5. Free to use: there is no system of choosing a paid plan to unlock features. All features are unlocked and free by default and you can verify 200 emails for free per month. When the credits are over, you need either to wait till the next month or to pay: the cheapest plan is  $29.                         email verifier review snovio price
  6. Easy to export: you have multiple options to export your email list and it is super easy-to-use. You can export all emails and prospects or only valid emails according to your choice. You can also choose to export emails that are valid and those that have an uncertain status.

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You can save money as well as time with Snovio. A lot of free platforms offer one-by-one check, while within Snovio you can verify lists of email addresses. So, try it for free and share in comments whether the tool has delivered the expectations.

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