Email checker: how to check the subscriber base before mailing 2022?

Competent email marketing implies no less competent and meticulous work with the subscriber base. What can go wrong when working with your own legal base? And why do you need email verification? 

The base is replenished not only online through the subscription form, but also offline “by hand”. In this case, there is a high probability of errors when entering addresses in the database, incorrect addresses appear.

Or the base exists for a long time and is constantly replenished, but there were no mailings, postponed for later or carried out, but randomly, without much planning, in the conditions of “when you have to”. Most likely, the base is no longer a cake: it is stale and has lost freshness, it may already have invalid addresses.

What threatens an irresponsible approach to the database?

Imagine a typical situation. You choose an email newsletter service, decide, start email marketing, and then the strange thing happens: you see that letters are not delivered to everyone, but only 60-70% of subscribers, and this is not the worst case scenario. The apogee of the whole story is complaints about spam, the mailer is dissatisfied and covers the account in the service.

At this stage, it is important to know that any newsletter service will close your account in the following cases:

  • spam complaints threshold is exceeded (value may vary from service to service);
  • the quality of the database is in doubt as a result of 1-2 mailings – a lot of errors, bounces (returns), non-existent addresses.

Who is to blame and what to do?

The answer is simple: there are invalid addresses in the database that spoil the whole story. These addresses may have been initially incorrect or may have become outdated. Yes, the legal base with which you planned to work, but it distracted one or the other, became a little stale and now needs to be carefully prepared before launching email marketing campaigns. So get ready for email addresses validation!

What are the options for checking the database?

  • Separate independent verification services;
  • PC software.
  • Validation tools built into distribution services

Independent Validation Service

From the description on the site: emails checker will clean your mailing list and increase deliverability rate up to 99%. The email address validation process was never so easy.

Hygiene of the subscriber base is an important issue on which the effectiveness of your further efforts in email marketing depends. Therefore, check the database before starting email marketing: take care of your mail reputation!

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