Saturday, December 3, 2022

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    Elle Fanning in Kojima Game: Elle Fanning will appear in the next game from Kojima Productions

    Elle Fanning in Kojima game:As reported last month, Kojima Productions confirmed that Elle Fanning will appear in the studio’s next game at PAX Australia, answering fans’ questions about the “Who Am I” poster.

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    According to Lance McDonald, a popular insider and dataminer, Kojima Productions teased a new project during the event. On a billboard, McDonald was directed to a red image of Elle Fanning with the words “A Hideo Kojima Game x Elle Fanning” written on the side. Check out the full image by following the link here or by viewing the tweet embedded below.

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    Even though it’s nice to have confirmation, we all knew Elle Fanning was involved the moment the poster was released back in September. People quickly recognized the silhouette as that of Elle Fanning, although it has not been confirmed whether Nope and Get Out director Jordan Peele will be involved in the title.

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    There is a possibility that the whole Jordan Peele speculation may have been misinterpreted, as the director recently appeared on Kojima’s new podcast Brain Structure.

    Despite knowing who, we still do not know what. Kojima Productions has been very secretive about its new project, but there are two likely possibilities regarding Elle Fanning’s involvement. A sequel to Death Stranding is currently being developed under the codename Ocean, so Fanning may be involved in that project.

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    Fanning may also be involved in Overdose, a horror title that Kojima Productions is reportedly developing as well, according to reputable industry insider Tom Henderson. It appears that the mystery will continue for now, although answers may only be revealed at The Game Awards later this year.

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