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    The Elden Ring Streamer defeats Malenia on Level 1 using a dance mat, Watch Video

    Elden Ring Streamer defeats Malenia : Do you remember the Elden Ring player who defeated Malenia with only one hand? It appears that she has returned with a feat that is arguably even more impressive. It is possible to defeat Malenia with a dance mat rather than a controller, and to do so without having leveled up their character beyond level one.

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    It has been more than seven months since the Elden Ring community was launched, and the community is as active as ever. Despite a lack of information regarding what will happen next, the game continues to thrive. Many hoped that they would have heard about potential DLC by now, but that has not yet occurred. Until FromSoftware decides to reveal such information, streamers like MissMikkaa have been beating Malenia with a dance mat in order to fill the time.

    As MissMikkaa hits the mat’s arrows to evade Malenia, and its buttons to attack when she sees an opening, you can see the incredible feat in all its glory below. Once again, it should be noted that this feat was accomplished by a streamer at the level of one. Despite impressing some players, others will be infuriated by the change, as they had difficulty beating the game’s toughest boss with a regular controller while leveling up as much as possible.

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    In order to reassure those of you who feel let down, Miss Mikkaa did not dust off her dance mat at the drop of a hat and beat Malenia on her first attempt. A total of 553 attempts were made over the course of 15 hours before she finally succeeded, hence the jubilation at the end of the clip above.

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    It goes beyond players beating bosses with dance mats to demonstrate the continued progress in Elden Ring despite the absence of DLC. During the first seven months of the game, players have continued to uncover mysteries hidden within The Lands Between. It has been suggested that one of Placidusax’s heads may have been discovered, and the Runbears may actually be part dragon.

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