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    Elden Ring Rennala’s Egg: The Horrifying Contents Have Finally Been Revealed In Elden Ring

    Elden Ring Rennala’s Egg: While Godrick and Melania continue to receive a great deal of attention months after the game has launched, Rennala has not received as much attention. However, a deeper dive into one of The Lands Between’s more intriguing bosses has revealed what lies inside her egg, and it’s just as horrifying as you might expect.

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    When it comes to uncovering Elden Ring’s deepest and darkest secrets, Zullie the Witch is probably the person you should contact. YouTuber Rennala has published two videos concerning the contents of Rennala’s egg (thanks, GameRant). First, the egg’s outer layer is peeled back, revealing some strange textures and what appear to be white bulbs. In the first video, the hair strands are the most intriguing and creepiest discovery.

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    Zullie reveals in a second video that the cutscene version of Rennala’s egg adds an even greater level of creepiness to the entire mystery. As it turns out, the strands of hair originally discovered belong to Juvenile Scholars. The three of them were crammed into the egg like fetuses. It is smaller than a full-sized human and has a limited number of features. Possibly because they hadn’t finished forming inside Rennala’s egg, or perhaps because they were scrapped prior to the game’s launch.

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    It is not clear why FromSoftware decided to remove the finer details of what is inside Rennala’s egg from the finished version of Elden Ring. The author speculates that it may have been a matter of ratings, or maybe that such an obvious reference to rebirth was too much and the game’s creators wanted to leave that area open to speculation and imagination.

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    It is not the only Elden Ring egg that has been opened and its contents revealed recently. The other is technically a cocoon. In a glitch rather than a deep dive, Miquella is shown awkwardly bursting from his cocoon, potentially hinting that his role will expand in any potential DLC, hints at which surfaced last week.

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