Elden Ring Omenkiller Cleaver Omenkiller is based on Capra Demon data from Dark Souls

Elden Ring Omenkiller Cleaver: Omenkiller is based on Capra Demon data from Dark Souls

Elden Ring Omenkiller Cleaver: It is well known to fans of the Dark Souls series that FromSoftware reuses a number of enemies across each of its games, and the same holds true for Elden Ring. Giant rats, skeletal dogs, imps, basilisks, slimes, and silver tears are all recurring enemies that are easily identifiable by Dark Souls fans. However, some enemies are more difficult to identify than others.

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The Asylum Demon of Dark Souls, for example, received a significant facelift before appearing in Elden Ring as Erdtree Avatars. The Fire Prelate at Fort Laiedd in Mount Gelmir bears a striking resemblance to Executioner Smough, at least in terms of overall bulk.

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The Omenkiller is a third enemy that fans have speculated about. As the Omenkiller wields twin spiky clubs in Elden Ring, and often attacks the player at the most inopportune moment, fans of the Dark Souls series realized early on that Omenkiller attacks are very similar to those of the Capra Demon in the original game.

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It turns out that this feeling is entirely justified. Dataminer and modder King Bore recently posted a comparison of the Omenkiller’s attacks with those of the Capra Demon’s, and the moves are nearly identical.

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You may have noticed that Omenkillers are similar to Dark Souls 1’s Capra Demon,” wrote King Bore. “Well, they are directly derived from Capra Demon data.”””

The attack animations for both critters are extremely similar. Several slight differences have been noted by King Bore, such as the Omenkiller’s jumping slam attack being slightly delayed compared to the Capra Demon, a move that is likely to keep Dark Souls veterans guessing.

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In the game files, things become even more intriguing. In four out of five cases, the Omenkiller’s attack IDs match those of the Capra Demon, and the Omenkiller’s animation skeleton still retains data for a tail from when it was the Capra Demon’s.

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One of the unique bosses in Elden Ring is the Godskin Duo, which one player recently spent 5.5 hours beating to death with only their fists.