Elden Ring: How To Easily Defeat Draconic Tree Sentinel

Elden Ring: How To Easily Defeat Draconic Tree Sentinel

Easily Defeat Draconic Tree Sentinel: There is a lot to do in Elden Ring’s vast world. As you explore catacombs, dungeons, castles, or desolated snowfields, you will be on the edge of your seat throughout the entire game. There are new bosses in the game, some of which are truly impressive. Despite their challenging nature, these bosses have unique mechanics and breathtaking stages, making even the most difficult fights enjoyable.

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You will face the Draconic Tree Sentinel in the middle of the game, and the fight is not as enjoyable as it appears. If you recall the Tree Sentinel fight at the beginning of the game, but add Fire, Lightning, and a great deal more damage, then you get the newer version of the boss called Draconic Tree Sentinel. What you need to know about this intense boss battle can be found here.

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Draconic Tree Sentinel Overview

Easily Draconic Tree Sentinel Overview
Easily Draconic Tree Sentinel Overview
Draconic Tree Sentinel Overview
Location Capital Outskirts
Optional Yes
Summons Spirit Ashes and Players
  • 50,000 Runes
  • Dragon Greatclaw
  • Dragonclaw Shield
Weak To Physical Strike Attacks Physical Thrust Attacks

The purpose of this strategy is to serve as a last resort, if you will. If all else fails and you must defeat the boss, then you should use this cheese. When you use the cheese, you are able to kill the Draconic Tree Sentinel without striking him once or making him aggressive towards you. In order to obtain the Poison Mist (Incantation), you must kill the Teardrop Scarab located southeast of the Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace.

Once you have acquired the Incantation, equip your seal and crouch around the boss to reach his back. When you are near the backside of the boss, you may use Poison Mist repeatedly, allowing the poison to accumulate and kill him.

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