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As a new business owner, getting your business up and running with all the legal obligations is now simpler than ever. Similar to the SSN for individual taxpayers, Employer Identification Number (EIN) is issued fortax documentation of business and enterprises. An EIN is a unique number designated by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). When applying for an EIN, consider the services of the IRS EIN Tax ID website. Go through the guideline below before applying online.

Important Information You Should Know About EIN

  • Eligibility Criteria for EIN

To ensure you have everything ready before kickstarting your operational activities, apply for an EIN online at the IRS for a new Tax ID for your business. In the case of startups who have small-time operations, ensure that EIN is applicable under the following conditions                                                                             

o   Your business must employ individuals

o   Nature of business should classify as a corporation or a partnership

o   Submission of periodical employment and excise returns.


  • Online Form Submission

You have to fill up the online official IRS form to apply for the registration of EIN. The form can be accessed from 7 am – 10 pm during business days. Basic information about your business is required and the website auto-generates an EIN. Given that you provide all the details accurately, you can qualify for the eligibility standards of the IRS as listed below

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o   The applicant ought to be a ‘responsible’ individual employed by the organization or proves ownership of the business. The individual should possess an SSN or Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN).

o   The business must be located in the U.S or U.S territories.

First, choose the type of entity you are applying for, some include Limited Liability (LLC), corporation, or Partnership. Next, fill in the required information about you and your business. Finally, submit your EIN application via the secure website. The application center at the website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


  • Call for Assistance

o   If you are troubled with any problem while filling out the application or already have an EIN but lack information on submission of returns, call the IRS at (800) 829-4933. Call 271-941-1099 if you are calling from an international line.


  • Manual Application

o   In case you find it hard to digitize your documents and applying online, print Form SS-4 or drop at the nearest IRS office and request a free copy of the form. Ensure proper understanding of terms and statements on the form before scribing out your details. When you are done, mail/fax it to one of the addresses given below

  • Mail, applicants residing in the U.S:
  • Internal Revenue Service
  • Attention: EIN Operation
  • Cincinnati, OH 45999
  • Fax, applicants residing in the U.S: (859) 669-5987
  • Mail, for international applicants:
  • Internal Revenue Service
  • Attention: EIN International Operations
  • Cincinnati, OH 45999
  • Fax, for international applicants: (859) 669-5987

o   Expect a response via mail from the concerned authority in 25 business days and response via fax within 5 business days.


The IRS requires up to 14 business days to register your EIN in their permanent record. Till you get the confirmation of your EIN as per IRS’s permanent records, you cannot file an e-return, make business e-payments. Register as soon as possible!

Luckily you do not need a special software for online application. All you require is an uninterrupted internet connection and the latest browser version. Moreover, you also don’t need to possess specialized computing skills to complete the online application. The format of the application is simple – answering questions by filling in the blanks or checking boxes.

Beware of fake EIN application websites. While googling ‘how to apply for EIN’, you may see a myriad of websites imitating the IRS. They start off with the registration process, similar to the one on the IRS website. But when your application is ready to file, they will ask to deposit money. Don’t get entrapped by this scam. The entire EIN application process is free, quick and painless.


Are you a small business owner eager to fulfill your legal obligations? You ought to know that state and federal legislation provides small businesses with several ‘loopholes’ for understatement of income taxes. Get in touch with your local lawyer to get a better understanding of this mechanism.


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