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Hey Guys , Today I am writing about one of best plugin out there for those people who make money online via amazon affiliate niche websites. I am going to write a nice honest review of EasyAzon 4.0 Plugin Review.

If you are into amazon affiliate niche websites business then you must have heard or used this EasyAzon 4.0 Plugin Review. But if you are not into this niche sites business and planning to create one then better use this EasyAzon 4.0 Plugin Review to avoid headache.

EasyAzon 4.0 review is a powerful Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin that will help you make more commissions and save you a lot of time in the process.

With the EasyAzon 4.0 Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin you’ll be able to quickly create high conversion Amazon affiliate links faster and easier than ever before.

Before learning about the features I just wanted to tell you that I have written some Nice amazon affiliate niche guides for you , Do check out that .

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Features of EasyAzon 4.0 Plugin Review

Control Your Affiliate Links Without Fussing With Code

  • Control your affiliate links through site defaults or on an individual link by link basis. Complete control without knowing how to code.
  • Easily set links to open in a new window when clicked, apply a no follow attribute, cloak for SEO purposes, display a product pop up, prompt a user to add an item to their shopping cart and automatically localize affiliate links.
  • EasyAzon 4.0 has a built in automatic link localizer that will take your Amazon affiliate link and display a link for the Amazon locale based on who is visiting your website – Huge commission booster!
  • You can create affiliate links or enable link localization for any country Amazon has an affiliate program in including: United States, Canda, China, France, Germany, India*, Italy, Japan, Spain and United Kingdom. (*Must be resident at this time, but this may change)
  • Sign up for other Amazon affiliate programs (free to join and you can use the same website you used before) to participate in link localization.
  • Literally check one single box in the EasyAzon 4 settings to automatically localize your affiliate links and cash in on wasted international traffic
  • EasyAzon 4 has a product pop up solution built in that can be triggered on a site wide or individual link basis.
  • Pop up scripts grab users attention which can lead to more Amazon affiliate link clicks and more commissions for you.
  • If a user clicks through your affiliate link and adds an item to their shopping cart you have an extra 89 days to get a commission if they buy the item they added.
  • You can enable or disable “Add To Cart” in EasyAzon 4.0 for individual links, as well as, toggle it on or off for your entire website as well.

EasyAzon 4.0 Review WP PLugin Setting For Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites 

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